Need an Airbnb for pets?

Going away on holiday when you have pets is always fraught with mixed emotion. Yes, you need a break but who’s going to take care of your cat, dog, bird, rabbit or even your goldfish? Your luxury hotel or your campsite may be sorted but you feel like you need an Airbnb for pets…

Need an Airbnb for pets?


Well, Australians may have just got lucky with Sitter Guide, an online service which connects pet owners with pet sitters. A bit like Airbnb, you can choose the type of care that you want for your pets.

With all the other pet care services already flooding the market, I asked founder Daevid Richards what makes Sitter Guide unique.

  • Sitter Guide is for all pets, great and small. Not just for those with paws. So, it includes cats, dogs, bunnies, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, fish, birds, horses and ponies
  • Less expensive than a day care centre or kennel
  • No hidden booking fees
  • Sitter Guide has the best in market rate with sitters retaining 85% of each booking
  • Sitter Guide is the only pet sitter site that allows pet owners to create a shopping cart of pet sitting services. For example, you can book an overnight stay for Thursday in one booking, then a dog walk on Saturday.
  • Sitter Guide’s matching technology precisely matches up pet owners and pet sitters more accurately than other sites. For example, if someone only wants to look after a particular pet type, such as a fish, they can drill down and select only that type of animal, and vice versa, pet owners with fish can find pet sitters who want to look after just fish pets.

Sounds good! You can check out Sitter Guide here

Sitter Guide at Pet Problems Solved


Need an Airbnb for pets?

Need a pet sitter?
If you need pet sitting services, you can join Sitter Guide for free, then search the national online network of insured pet sitters who will treat your pet like family. Pet owners can relax knowing their pet is being cared for by a vetted, pet lover and pet sitters effectively get paid to play with pets.

Services provided (and their respective approx costs) include boarding ($30), house-sitting ($30), day or night care ($30), drop-in visits ($15) and pet sitter services including grooming ($20), walking ($20), training ($20) and transporting your pet ($20).


Want to be a pet sitter?
Looking after pets can be a great business or simply your way of getting a cuddle with a pet, especially important if you are not currently able to have your own pets full-time. At Sitter Guide, sitters retain 85% of each booking, with Sitter Guide retaining 15% which is invested back into site development, services and marketing to help sitters successfully build their business. Sitters are covered by free premium public and products liability insurance.
You can go online and register for free. 


Sitter Guide in other countries besides Australia
Sitter Guide is launching in Australia in late 2017. The site will launch in the USA in mid-2018, the United Kingdom in mid-2018 and New Zealand in early 2018.


Need an Airbnb for pets?

Note from Dr Jo:
The growth of pet care and pet holiday care industries in Australia is immense with so many large and small businesses invested in providing quality services for pet owners and/or linking those who wish to provide services with those who need them. I’m excited to see what the future bring for future services for animal care. Do you own or operate a pet care business or have you used a great service?

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