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Safety first

Did you know that each year in Australia, more than 5,000 dogs are injured or killed in auto-related accidents, most as a result of being ineffectively restrained in the car, or not restrained at all? And it’s not only dogs that get injured. People get hurt too, by their own dogs when they are thrown around the vehicle!

Even if you think you are a careful driver and believe you will never be involved in an accident, your dog can move around your car when you turn sharply, stop suddenly or when they get extremely excited. This can cause you to lose convcentration, a danger when driving.

My experience with dogs that are nervous or sick when travelling, is that the Roadie really seems to help them. It keeps them calm when in the moving vehicle.

Please start to think about the safety of your canine companions in the car…

Purina Petlife Roadie

The Roadie

The Roadie is a Purina PetLife harness that fits snugly around your dog’s chest and you feed your own car’s seatbelt through the strap. This keeps your dog in one area of your vehicle but still allows your dog the freedom of movement to sit up or lie down. The Roadie is available in your pet specialty store or through your vet clinic and must be sized to fit your dog. Measure your dog’s chest circumference.

This pet product has been road tested by the NRMA and passed (one of the only dog harnesses to pass the test!). More about the Roadie here.

So if you regularly drive your dog to the dog park or you take your dog on holiday, you need a Roadie.



To celebrate National Dogs in Cars Safety Week, I’m giving away 5 Purina Petlife ROADIES. To enter, tell me in 25 words or less what’s your favourite memory of holidaying with your dog. Please enter in the comments box below. Entries close on Sunday 30th November at 5pm (AEST). Winners will be notified here on my blog.

Good luck and keep your dog safe when you’re driving.

Here’s Chilli travelling safely in my car…

Roadie Chilli

P.S. I’ll also be giving some Roadies away on my radio segment this week. Tune in on Radio 2UE at Sydney 954am or at

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  1. Our best holiday moment is when we go and stay near the water our boston is just like crazy lloving the water and his eyes are saying thanks mum.

  2. Our best holiday moment was our first camping trip with our gorgeous Teacup Poodle X Shih Tzu when he was still a little puppy. We crated our little baby and sent him off to Far Nort QLD where we were nervously waiting for him on the other side.
    Being my first dog, everything was very new to me and I didn’t know a dog could smile until I saw how happy he was (and has continued to be).
    On our first morning at the campsite I warned our fellow traveller to watch his step while I went to get a doggy poo bag.
    He replied in his fantastic South American accent: Don’t worry about that. I think that’s just from a possum or something.
    He has a very large German shepherd.
    I got the bag!

  3. My dogs love camping and visiting all the campsites around where they normally get treats. Ofcourse each morning they help clean up all the campsites…. I just dont know why I bother taking dog food with me. The best time away was when Shar ( now passed on) met up with a koala. I have a photo where it looks like they are kissing.

  4. When our standard Groodle got the courage to jump the waves and follow us in the ocean one calm morning. Best swim we’ve ever had!

  5. Road trip during a 43 degree summer day. My 2 Shar Pei’s loved the breaks but enjoyed returning to the cooler temperature inside the car.

  6. Sadly no holidays for us for last 38 years, but we (me and my 2 furbabies) do enjoy our day trips to the country and long walks away from the noise of suburbia.

  7. Took our beloved Russell to a beachside caravan destination. He loved frolicking in the water & chasing the Frisbee (then expecting US to fetch).

  8. Just recently I had to drive from the central coast to the gold coast twice in 3 weeks. I took my Japanese x poodle OLLIE with me.
    He was the most amazing companion on these road trips. We stopped every couple of hours and got out for a toilet /water and walk stop. He would then get back into the car and go straight to sleep every time.
    While we stayed at my dad’s he got into a routine and was so well behaved and loveable. He had a couple of trips to the dog parks up there and we had a few morning walks down by the marina at hope island which were lovely.
    On this trip I fell in love with him even more. OLLIE is the best dog a girl like me could ever want.

  9. Relocating from Darwin to Nowra for my wife’s work with two of everything – dogs, children and adults; plenty of rest stops along the route.

  10. Her playing with a fresh water cray in a stream at Warburton, prancing and bouncing around so proud of herself.

  11. On Christmas Day taking our rescued greyhound for a beach walk, deciding we would let him off the lead for a minute. Zoom he was going into the distance with us all running after him. We eventually caught him up at the surf life saving stand, he was just chilling and enjoying their company while we were hot, puffed and bothered! Sadly he passed away last year and our new dog is a rescued Maltese Shitzu – just a bit different.

  12. Driving to family Christmas in Canberra packed in the back of the car with our gorgeous childhood dog Poppy… we grumbled then, but smile remembering! 🙂 <3

  13. Last week we adopted an 18 month old Lab cross and we look forward to creating many new happy holiday memories.

  14. Thanks for your entries into this Roadie competition. The winners have now been notified and should contact Pet Problems Solved to receive their Roadie. Well done everyone.
    Please keep your dogs as safe as possible when travelling.
    Dr Jo

  15. Not only is it dangerous for the dog in an accident, but they can become a flying object and harm the occupants in the car. Mishca always has her harness on when ever she is in a car.

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