Mr Biggles the utter b******* cat

NOTE: Scroll down for our Talking Pets interview with Mr Biggles (well maybe his slave/carer!) 

Mr Biggles is a cat. A cat with cattitude! And he’s looking for a home.

While most adoption profiles list the niceties of the animal awaiting a new family, Mr Biggles has a rather unique profile. Here’s his description on Pet Rescue

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You get the drift. Cattitude! In fact, due to his rising popularity in the media, he now has his own website Next step, Lord Biggles?!!


Mr Biggles is available at Cat People of Melbourne where he is being fostered by Gina. He seems to be keeping an eye on her chickens! See more of Mr Biggles on their facebook page.

Apparently Mr Biggles will soon be publishing more about his life, including “stalking chickens 101”, “how to play with a dog and not kill it”, “getting what you want from human slaves” and of course what’s he’s well known for… “rip shred tear – being firm with boundaries”.

Expressions of interest for Mr Biggles can be made by contacting Cat People of Melbourne at the following email:

Cat People of Melbourne would like to thank their volunteers – Ad/profile/memo @2017 Gina Bret. Photography @2017 Rachel Nagy. Video @2017 Gina Brett/Elyssa Kowalinski.

Here’s our interview with Gina, humanslave on Talking Pets. (interview starts just after 3 mins)…

Tune into Talking Lifestyle to listen at 4:30pm AEST.

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