Moving Pets Internationally

Moving house is stressful. Moving internationally even more so! If you are moving and relocating your pets with you, then you want this process to go as smoothly and as safely as possible Here are some tips, from our guest blogger, John Ryan Removals, to help you…

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Moving pets internationally

Moving overseas is an exciting time, but it also requires thorough planning. This planning involves the need for careful consideration in order to move your beloved pets with you. There are many requirements involved, which can vary depending on where you’re moving to.

What are the requirements of moving your pet?

It’s best to check the regulations of the country you’re moving to, but the most common requirements are:

  • Micro chipping and vaccination certificates for common viruses and diseases.
  • An international health certificate from your vet.
  • Pet passport documenting your pet’s vet history.
  • A quarantine period both in your country of origin and country of import.

What’s the process for moving your pet?

Each country has different requirements and processing timelines, and your pet will usually be placed in quarantine for some time before being released in the country of import. This is for health and safety reasons such as rabies prevention.

Some or most of the quarantine period can be completed in your country of origin, with the rest of the quarantine period taking place in your destination. It pays to start the paperwork and processing as soon as possible so you have everything in order before you leave.

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How will your pet be transported internationally?

A few airlines allow your pet to travel with you in an airplane’s cabin, so long as their cage can fit under your seat. But it’s more common for pets to travel in the cargo area as checked baggage.

It pays to talk to the particular airline you will be travelling with, to make sure you are happy with how your pet will be transported and how they can comfortably accommodate your pet.

Preparing your pet to move internationally:

Moving your pet internationally can be a stressful time for them, and especially lonely during the quarantine period. However, many quarantine facilities have volunteers that spend time with your pet to keep them company and show them some affection.

Travelling on a plane might also be a frightening for them, as the cargo area can be very loud and uncomfortable. To prepare your pet for this, you can take them through a car wash while in their airline-approved cage, to help them get used to the loud noises they will experience on the plane.

After organising how you will move your pet internationally, don’t forget to start organising how you will move your belongings and your family. Talk to Melbourne’s leading international relocation specialists, John Ryan Removals, for a free quote and a stress-free moving experience.

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