Cat Cafe Melbourne

If you know Melbourne, or ever visited, you’ll have fallen in love with their laneways. Unique shops, outdoor cafes, wine bars, clubs, graffiti and atmosphere. What could be better? Having a cat cafe in a Melbourne laneway – that’s what!

Cat Cafe Melbourne


Cat Cafe Melbourne is centrally located in the heart of the city but has so much space that the cats occupy two levels. I love their unique walkway between the levels. They climb the walls, pop through a mouse hole, then continue up the stairs – where coffee and cat-themes cakes are being served. Purrfect!

Each cat cafe that I’ve visited has a different model. This one has resident cats, permanent felines who have been rescued and adopted. They are not available for adoption by the public, unless they are not thriving in the environment – and that is rare.

Cat Cafe Melbourne
Resident cats at the Cat Cafe Melbourne

Many people (behaviourists included) say that cats cannot get along in groups but I have always found that, with enough space and understanding cat behaviour and interactions, that cats can get along. I saw no altercations between cats in my hour’s visit, perhaps because there is so much space.

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The cafe also provides many areas for cats to retreat, away from other cats and away from humans. Examples of every piece of cat furniture on the market are found here. In many cases, however, the cats ignore the furniture and sit in cardboard boxes or even on the rafters in the roof.

Those cats that can bear to come down from their lofty heights, where I’m sure they feel superior,  ignore the rules of no feeding and join the cafe patrons! After all, isn’t the Cat Cafe Melbourne all about the cats!

Do yourself a favour, when next in Melbourne. As well as the fab shopping, restaurants and bars, visit the cat cafe. Have a coffee with a cat – Purrfect!

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