Man’s Best Friend is His Cat!
Of course, we all still love dogs. It’s just that cats are so adaptable. They make us work hard for their affection (and don’t we love a challenge?!). And they look so cute! No wonder men love them!

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association in the UK, young, single men are fuelling the rise in cat ownership.  There, some five and a half million men are cat owners, an increase of more than one million since last year. This is a trend that we are seeing worldwide with cats becoming more and more popular. Aussies – time to catch up with the trend!

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This cat-itude of love may be partly due to male celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais, posting social media accounts of their love for cats and their cats’ antics.

And, of course, we all know how much people love to watch videos about cats. Even non-cat lovers watch! Cat profiles have become big business with Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar sauce!) and Maru commanding mega-audiences and dollars!

Cats help single men find dates
Yes, it’s true. Cats are matchmakers. We always knew that a dog can get you a date, as any man who cares for a canine companion must be a caring, sharing type of bloke. But it seems that male cat owners may be an even better cat-ch.

Given that male cat owners are likely to have higher incomes than the average Australian male, we should not be surprised that ladies (and most likely, many men too) are flocking to sites like Hot Dudes with Kittens

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Male cat owners are a catch
As well as those professionally-earned dollars, it seems that male cat owners are more likely to spend time at home. They read. They play board games. They work in the garden.
What’s not to love!

Let’s hope that any men reading this are able to consider a feline as their next friend. Perhaps visit a local shelter and give a home to a cat or kitten in need.

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