Sometimes Chilli dog just gives me a look that makes me think ‘How cute is my dog!’ Ok, so I’m biased. But I’m sure, as a pet owner, you do the same thing! Don’t we just love our pets?!

Chilli park

Looking at Chilli’s expression, it’s like she trying to tell me something. I wonder what she’d say, if she could speak?

Well, if you can come up with a good caption, then you can win a copy of my Barking Problems Solved ebook. Please comment below to enter. The winner will be chosen based on fun and cute answers and will be notified on this blog. Competition closes on Friday 29th May at 3pm (AEST).

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    1. Congrats Kristin. Winner!
      Can you email your best email address to me at drjoanne@petproblemso and I shall send you your ebook voucher.
      Thanks for entering! Jo

  1. “My Mum says I’m a good girl. Your furkid can be too, if you just follow my Mum’s advice!”

  2. Thank you all for entering with some great “chilli talk”. I have chosen Kristin as my winner, only cos this was the closest to reality! Coffee time 🙂
    Thanks again and i’ll run another comp soon.
    Jo x

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