We all know Chilli loves mud. If there is any doubt in your mind, please read my previous blog post dog in mud. Little has changed.

Today we went to the park and it was muddy, perhaps muddier than ever. Now I’m all for letting dogs be dogs. Some owners like their dogs to stay squeaky clean. Some dogs like to stay squeaky clean. But not many.

Chilli had a great play session with a dog she met. Click  on the video below to watch.

Chilli plays with friend
Chilli plays with friend

As you watch this video you will see Chilli disappear off into the distance. This is her finding a muddy puddle to cool off in. The other dog does not enter… yet.

As Chilli plays with the little dog, she returns to her favourite puddle again and again. The other small dog is obviously wondering what all the fuss is about. Time to join in!

Click the video below to watch.



Luckily this dog’s owner did not mind.

What’s a little mud?!

How do you let your dog be a dog?

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