Cool suggestions…

1.     Keep pets out of direct sunlight. Move cages and tanks away from windows and keep kennels out of sun.

2.     Provide lots of cool, fresh water. More than one dish in case one gets knocked over.

3.     Walk dogs in early morning or evening when sun and pavements are not so hot. Paws can burn on hot ground.

4.     Never leave pets in unattended car.

5.     Provide access to shady areas eg. under trees. Or bring your pet into air conditioned rooms.

6.     Provide water to play in eg. in sand pit.

7.     Freeze food eg. Treat ball and let pet lick out contents

Symptoms of heatstroke…

  • Panting (although animals pant to keep cool because they can’t sweat)
  • Listlessness
  • Lying down
  • May lick fur (cats)

What to do…

  • Dampen fur and offer water
  • Take to vet