We all want our pets to be healthy but sometimes it can be hard to spot sickness. Anna from ThinkofPuppy advises us on keeping a healthy pet and 6 signs of illness that we may spot…

We have all had sick days and they are never pretty. Our bodies tend to give off hints before we become sick. The same goes for our pets and recognizing illness before it gets bad can make a huge difference.Recognising signs of illness is essential for every pet owner…

Keeping a Healthy Pet – 6 Signs of Illness

Do you remember the last time you were sick? Did your throat start to hurt? Perhaps you started to get a headache? Most illnesses have physical signs that we can observe. We can look at behavioral differences to notice when something is up. These rules apply to our pets as well.

  1. Behavioral Changes

Each pet has a different way of showing you that something is wrong. As a general rule of thumb, if your pet begins to act differently in any way, they likely are sick. A couple examples of behavioral change include uncontrollable peeing or uncharacteristic barking.

This is one of the best ways to know if your pet is sick or not. After growing attachments to our animals, we grow to understand them. If they are acting out of character, their health may be at risk.


  1. Loss of Appetite

When you do not feel hungry or can’t hold something down, there is usually something wrong. The same thing goes for our pets. A very good indicator that your pet is sick would be a general loss of appetite.

Not eating everything you give them is not exactly what we should be looking for. If your dog typically eats a lot and suddenly starts eating nothing, you should be worried. Keeping an eye on how they are drinking water is important as well.

Keeping a Healthy Pet – 6 Signs of Illness

  1. Eye Indications

A lot of times, especially with cats, looking at your pet’s eyes can show you a lot about their health. Goopy or red eyes need to be checked out immediately. For cats, you can also look at their third eyelid to get a good idea of their health.

The third eyelid is a white coating that will come down from the corner of your cat’s eyelid. It will do this in response to infections and is definitely a good indicator of sickness.

  1. Lack of Enthusiasm

Energy is one thing we lose first when we are ill. If your pet is showing any sign of lack of energy or enthusiasm, you should be alert for other issues. Typically a lack of energy is coupled with a loss of appetite.

While paying attention to their movements, you should also look out for any stiffness or difficulty they may be having. Notice if they have trouble getting up to walk or going down stairs.

Keeping a Healthy Pet – 6 Signs of Illness

  1. Lumps and Bumps

Any type of unnatural knots or bumps on your pet is definitely a bad sign. It can be a tumor or other life threatening illness forming. If you feel any kind of lump or bump on your pet, it is safest to take them to the vet immediately.


  1. Normal Signs: Sneezing & Coughing

When it comes to humans, sneezing and coughing are generally not associated with life-threatening illnesses. The same goes for your pet. However, if your pet is sneezing or coughing excessively, it deserves attention.

Coughing is associated with many issues such as heartworms or lung disease. That is why you should not take these symptoms lightly. A lot of times it is simply a cold, but it doesn’t hurt to check.


Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Catching an illness before it develops inside your pet may seem obvious, but a lot of pet owners fail to do so. Although it is harder to notice in some pets, paying close enough attention is a great way to combat sickness. Knowing these 6 signs of illness will bring you one step closer to raising a long-living healthy pet.

Keeping a Healthy Pet – 6 Signs of Illness

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