The K9 Scent Scramble™ is a whole new ball game! For your dog!

And it’s coming to Australia. But just what is it?

Well we all know that dogs have superb noses and that many love to chase toys. Well, put these two together and add a large dose of fun and you have the K9 Scent Scramble™. Here’s a scrambler in action…

It reminds me of the ball-rooms that we used to take kids to, when they were little. Great fun until someone vomited! I am guessing that balls will be disinfected often!

Classes and workshops will be held for beginners, where dogs will hunt for their favourite toy. More advanced dogs will hunt for specific odours within a ball. There will even be competition with timed events. Once a dog has passed all levels in their height class, they will be eligible to enter the Master Scrambler!

K9 Scent Scrambler Luka - Photo by Pinnicle Photography

K9 Scent Scramble™ classes and workshops will initially be held in the Castle Hill area of Sydney (NSW) and can be booked from June 11 via For more information, email K9 Scent Scramble™ will launch at DOGS NSW’s Dogs on Show event in Sydney on June 11.

K9 Scent Scrambler Frida - Photo by Pinnicle Photography

So, let us know if you are keen to give it a go or your dog is already a Scent Scrambler.

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