is pet hair a problem?

I met a lady at the park today. She was walking her Golden Retriever. I had my puppy. We spoke about how attached dogs were to people and how they suffered separation anxiety, even if their owners just turned their backs and walked away in the park. (My pup was playing quite happily several hundred metres from me. No anxiety there!) Obviously an owner committed to her dog. Or so I thought.

She then happened to say that her dog lived outdoors. The dog was not allowed inside because the owner could not stand pet hair in her home.

I know how annoying it can be. I have lived with a Dalmatian. Dalmatian hairs get everywhere and you can’t wear dark or light colours. The hairs don’t brush off. They don’t even vacuum off. Life with a Dalmatian and 4 cats equals pet hair everywhere. I imagine that people who visit curse my sofas!

cat hair on sofa

Surveys of pet owners have shown that shedding of hair is the main disadvantage in living with a pet. Is it really that bad? Would you shut your pet to a life outside because you can’t stand pet hair on your furniture?

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  1. Hi Jo! I just live with one cat. His hair comes off a little, but not too much. I can live with that. He can’t help being furry, in fact that’s one of the nice things about my Smudge – his pretty soft fur.

    What I find worse is when he has brought up food on the carpet and if I don’t see it and STEP in it – arrrgghhh. We have a tabby carpet – shades of brown and white sorta leaf pattern, and believe me, you can’t always see things dropped on it. Or if he has an “accident” and does a poo on the carpet instead of in his tray (not often but it has been known) that’s even worse!!

  2. My cat, Mister, sheds all over the place. My sister has pretty bad allergies but always seems to be alright at home despite the hair. I’ve been using Fur-Zoff to remove it from all of the fabrics and its works great. It’s a “green” product which is even better and is supposed to last forever. I found it at for abtou $10. Hope this helps with any hair haters!! goodluck!

  3. Try using lint brushes or any cheap sticky tapes on any fabric that has pet hair.

    There are also tons of reasons why your pet’s hair are falling off like a skin allergy, the food that he’s eating, fleas and ticks, the breed itself, and a whole lot more.

    I brush my dogs, hair everyday and they don’t shed so much unlike before.

  4. 3 Birmans = Hair everywhere!!! Especially this time of year. Dream in particular has a longer coat than the other 2 and even with daily brushing she sheds so much. I have accepted that cat hair is part of my life and have lint rollers at home, in the hand bag and in the car. I dont think it is bad thing and is certainly an aspect of pet ownership I have known about since getting my first dog as a child.

  5. No. I think if you hate pet hair that much then you obviously dont love your pet enough. If a quick role over with the sticky brush thing isnt a enough you are just way too uptight i think.

  6. As a professional groomer i get so sick of people who ring me and have brought a dog (mostly a golden retriever) and insist on wanting to shave all the hair off. Why? Because it gets on their furniture. Luckily I get less of those calls nowdays as word have probably got around that my reply is …. Why did you buy a long haired dog that sheds then?

  7. Nope, the worst thing is the vet bills I’d have to say! 🙂 Sorry! We are up to nearly $3000 this year, and yes, I got pet insurance and my Asha got sick on the last day before our 30 day waiting period was up… doh! So I don’t mind the fur AT ALL. And I wouldn’t trade her for the world- even though she costs a fortune, she is my good fortune.

  8. I have Toy Poodles, and they dont shed . I cant think of one bad thing about them at all to be perfectly honest. We often wonder how we ever coped without them, they make our family complete. Our girl was bought for our son who has shocking allergies, and I diden’t know dogs and was not too happy about the prospect, but that all changed in two seconds, when wee Poppy set foot in our house at 1.1 kilo, we all fell instantly in love. A year later to be joined by her half brother Pepper, my boy. Unconditional love, cant beat it. x I’m with Holly on this one.

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