Introducing my newest family members…

The newest Righetti family members…

and there are 5 of them!

Dr Jo's chickens

Mary (aka Mrs Sussex), Aggie, Pom Pom, Isa and ‘yet to be named’ (but it will have something to do with Chelsea FC!)

And yes, they are chickens!

Last weekend we set up our chicken coop. Sorry, our chicken mansion, palace, homestead or whatever other luxurious home terms come to mind. Our chook coop is so spacious, I am thinking of moving in there myself!

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righetti chicken coop

We could not decide what sort of chickens to keep so we ended up getting many varieties. All had been housed together for a while at City Chicks (great personal service at this chicken store, if you are looking for birds), so get along beautifully. Although Pom Pom is emerging as a leader, taking on look-out duty for all. And Mary is a little shy, but we will work on that 🙂

Pom Pom
Pom Pom
Mary Sussex
Mary Sussex


It may be a few months before we get any eggs, as the birds are still young. I shall share with you our feathery adventures together.

So, I’ll be off now to spend an hour sitting in the coop. I wonder if I’ll be lowest in the pecking order!

Stay tuned for more chicken adventures 🙂

chickenn coop outside



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  1. Congratulations! Actually that should be con-cluckulations! What a fabulous chook palace and your girls look adorable. So glad they’re already friends. And happy you went to City Chicks – they’re great.

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