Introducing 3 new Righetti kittens

Life is PERFECT! I have kittens!

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As you know, last year we said goodbye to two of our cats – so sad. We waited until son returned from studying in the US (on Friday), to think about adding a new kittens – or two- to our family. So, on Saturday (yes, it only took a day!), we set off for the Animal Welfare League at Ingleside. I’m an Ambassador of AWL NSW, so it was a logical choice of shelter and I knew that, at this time of year, there would be many cats and kittens to choose from.

New kittens coming home from AWL



So many kittens! So many beautiful, cute, gorgeous, bundles of fluffy kittens. But we knew immediately which ones would be ours. Only problem was there were 3 of them and we had come to choose only 2. Which two?! We cuddled. We played. We looked at personalities. Such a difficult choice. My husband decided it for us. We were taking all 3.


Three kittens at once may seem a tad irresponsible and I would not normally recommend this to anyone acquiring a kitten, but we have always been a 4 cats family (and we were currently down to only one -Mew – 16 years old). We also have 5 family members (4 adults) so plenty of people to supervise, play, feed and clean up kitty litter trays.

New kittens settling in at home

Kitten Intros

At home, the necessary saga of intros began. Kittens in one room, cat and dog in another. let them smell, let them see through windows, swap rooms, monitor with leads and cages. Repeat again and again. Finally 5 days later, all our pets can be together. Soon it will be introduction to the chickens time!

Training Chilli dog to ignore kittens!

Choosing names

The hardest part about 3 new kittens? Choosing 3 names! We had so many options but wanted a trio of names. I suggested Earth, Wind and Fire and it has stuck. Kind of weird individually (imagine yelling “Earth” or saying “I’ve got Wind!”) but collectively it suits them. WInd positions himself across the fan. Earth is darker in colour and is rather quiet and shy (grounded). Fire is like wildfire and ginger!

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind and Fire have settled in so well. They love to play with one another. While one sleeps, another two can play. Our house resembles a playground with so many boxes and toys. The ipad is their favourite.

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I have kittens. Life is Perfect!

Kittens and wine

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