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Are you proud to be a pet owner living in your country?

My guess is that there are things your country does well in supporting your life with pets. Perhaps your:

  • Government supports you with off leash parks
  • Local shelter helps with subsidised desexing (neutering, spaying)
  • Universities with research facilities and budget to explore the human-animal bond
  • Individuals with their entrepreneurial attitude or inventiveness.

There may also be pet-related activities that are lacking or annoying within your country and you wish you could change them or live in a more-enlightened society.

Why not share these here and let everyone know what is good and what is bad about your country and their attitude towards pets? Here’s some from my adopted country Australia.

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What we do well:

  • We have some great products and inventors – pet loo, litter kwitter, dog mobile washes and these are now exported elsewhere.
  • We have some great education programs for children. This hopefully means a future of children who can interact and understand animals well. We also have some great pet therapy programs.
  • In my State (NSW) and some others there is a requirement for local councils to provide off leash areas. Although dog parks are not ideal for every dog, they are a bonus for many pet owners.

Does your town have a dog park?

What we could improve:

  • Variations in laws from State to State make it difficult to have uniform practices. Some pets are banned in some States, some dog breeds are restricted in certain States but not in others and different rules and regulations are in place in every State and Territory.
  • Cats in Australia have a very bad press and are declining in numbers, even though in the rest of the world they are the most popular pets. Yes, they are not native and they are very efficient hunters but it is possible to be a responsible pet owners and keep your cat indoors and really cats are just finishing off the environmental destruction that humans have created.
  • Dogs tend to be outdoors. Nothing wrong with that if they get enough interactions with humans but many do not. And we can’t take dogs many places- not on public transport, into shops, onto beaches, in hotels.

What does your country do well and what could they do better?

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