Do you know of any good indoor dog facilities?

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Today is raining in Sydney. I have nothing against the rain. My garden needs it. My dog loves to roll in puddles of muddy water. It’s just the damp, bedraggled feeling you have during those drizzly walks and the clean up required afterwards. Clean up equals work!

So rain got me thinking… We need some indoor dog facilities. Doggy day cares are a booming business and a great idea for dogs who need company while their owners are at work. But what about when you just want to take your dog somewhere for an hour, to socialise with others, for some exercise and dream on… a coffee for their owners? Is it possible or just my dream?

Recently I revisited an old blog post of mine – Off leash parks and in the time since I wrote this, people have become more vocal about what they want. Time was when dog owners just said give me a place to walk my dog without a lead. Now they are demanding fences, poo bags, fresh water, trees, bush walks and more. Cafes in Sydney are now welcoming dogs, seated outside, of course.

Is it possible to have dogs indoors and still maintain dignity, cleanliness and a civilised canine/human community? We can do it for kids and parents so why not our canine companions? Do you know of any such establishments? What would be in your dream doggy day facility? Do they serve coffee? 🙂 Give me your thoughts…

Or if you know of anywhere around the world where you can take your dog on a rainy day, please share.

Indoor dog facilities


  1. A doggie play ground with lots of interesting things to play on. Great idea but wouldn’t work in my area as we have too many dams and properties and even when it is raining it is not that cold, nor that humid.

  2. I am looking for a warehouse to create an indoor dog park with Swimming Pool for Dock Jumping competitions & just for swimming , Hearding robot sheep , Training Center , Boarding , Dog Apparel Shop , Speed Ball , Agility Cource , CCTV Recording Event ,Grooming , Vet , Self Serve Cafe & A Bike Track Surrounding Everthing,, Open 24HRS …I AM…Looking for interested people who can spend some Time , Effort & Money to open a DOGARK. .. Re Joni

  3. Excellent Joni. Where are you located? Do you have a website. If not, let us know how people can find you, if they would like ot help your indoor dog venture. Jo

  4. Living in Rosebery ,,no website yet besides Facebook JONI MAJOR,,Phone number 0407 269 246 or Email johnmmajor@optusnet Looking for A free standing building around the ST PETERS , ALEXANDRIA area …Regards Joni

  5. I would LOVE an indoor dog park for those rainy days when you still want to get out and about with that special furry friend.

  6. I don’t think there is such place. Not even one. I do a search every once a while, especially when it’s raining. I know indoor playground is available in the state and Europe but Australian seems are still not very open to the idea of dogs go indoors. In Australia dogs are still denied to enter 99% of indoor places unless it is a service dog (guide dog or police dog etc). I have been to Germany and Switzerland and their dogs can go almost everywhere (except museums and castles etc). You will never see a dog chained up outside of a shop. More dog owners need to make their voice heard.

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