In a watery canineless felineless world

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OK – so I was cruising without any pets but… there are always ways of bringing cats and dogs into a canineless, felineless world.

Not, however, the way that I was reading about… Having a chance to read a book or two while on board I had downloaded a novel of my favourite genre – murder, mystery – onto my ipad to relax and read away my hours of free time. The crime in question took place on a cruise ship (‘Killer Cruise by Laura Levine – in case you want to know) and the amateur sleuth was a guest lecturer on board (sounds familiar). When she gets on board she discovers her cat has stowed away with her!

Ok so this didn’t happen to me. I did, however, have a powerpoint presentation with lots and lots of photos of pets (mostly my pets!) for people to watch as they listened to me talk. I asked anyone who had pics of their pets on board to show me their pets. And they did. It was lovely to see so many people love their pets enough to have their pics in on their phones or in their wallets. I love this as it means that people talk to me about their pets – even when they have no behavioural problems. I often have no shortage of the latter asking me questions but I rarely get to hear about those with no problems.

My new P&O cat bag

Cats would be perfect ship pets.Happy to live in small areas like cabins, sit on windowsills & watch the world go by. In fact cats were one very common on ships, both to reduce the mouse population but also to keep the Captain company. On board the Pacific Pearl I just had to purchase one of their limited edition tote bags – one with a ship’s cat pictured.

The cat on this bag was Strathie, who sailed in the 1930s with P&O ship Strathaird. Apparently Strathie was a favourite with the passengers, crew and many a male cat she met! Her kittens went to many other ships and Strathie eventually retired and lived with a ship’s officer… Ok so I may not have had a real cat on board but at least I has a cat pic and story 🙂

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I thought my watery canineless world would be inevitable but I was wrong. P&O have a lovely nightly turn down service where you have a choc left no your pillow. Well, a couple of nights into the cruise I no longer had a chocolate, I had a dog in my cabin. A dog made out of towels! This made me laugh out loud. Here is my canine cabin companion…

Role on my next cruise!

My canine cabin companion

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