if pets could blog...

I wonder what they’d say? Perhaps along the lines of a diary…


  • Day – Walk. Yippee! Sniffed 5 dogs, 3 males, 2 females. Enemies = 1. New playmates = 2. Home. Left alone ALL day. Snack: pot plant, watering system.
  • Night: Mum home – dinner. Yippee! Kids home – snacks – 2 choc chip bics (yes I know I’m not allowed). Crept onto bed when family asleep.


  • Day – Walk. Yippee! Sniffed 2 dogs, both female. All friends. (Note to self – need to get out more, meet new friends. Try escaping over backyard fence today.) Home – snacks – rawhide chew, treat ball. Prefer watering system but digging hole in lawn to bury treat ball = fun.
  • Night – dad found chewed newspaper – not happy. Outside all night.

Or perhaps more of a social commentary:

  • Three new dogs passed fence today, one wearing bling collar (Xmas wish list – I don’t think so).
  • Family gardening, dug up my fav old bone. Need to redig their new plants to replace fav old bone in preferred hiding spot.
  • Missed my walk today. Need to bark, bark, bark. Didn’t they hear me? Bark, bark, bark.

Cats of course would have their say / blog (cat-a-log) too:

  • Sleep interrupted (!) but for very good reason – feeding time. Yum! Back to sleep.
  • Dreaming of the great outdoors. Doors shut. Windows shut. The modern cat’s life  (sigh).
  • Gazing at the food bowl, willing it to refill.
  • Swatting dad’s newspaper as he reads it. Maybe he’ll feed me. Snooze on lap. Shed hair copiously.
  • Find prime spot on bed prior to families entry. Refuse to budge. Bite. Sleep in prime spot on bed – ALL night.

If pets could blog, what do you think they’d say?

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Read “A Modern Dog’s Life” by Dr Paul McGreevy for a unique insight into how dogs view our and their world.


  1. Awesome! Glad to read of a pup that’s in a great home. I wonder what those poor beauties that are tied out/left in yards all day would write? I think Suzy, my lovely mutt, would talk about all the different dead-thing smells she acquired while on the trails at Mr. Baker’s farm, then she’d ponder the reasons why her cousins Hemi and Bruiser’s faces are so wrinkled, wonder why they snore so much, and declare her undying love for Bronson and Diesel. Oh, a dog’s life!

  2. Hi Joanne,

    I found your blog here through LinkedIn today. Your pet blog example was funny, cute and a little sad, for there are certainly so many animals out there that do not get the love, attention, and care that they so deserve and need. I live near some such dogs that ‘live outside’ unhappily. Boredom can definitely breed bad behavior.
    I do have a very fun ‘dog blog’ that is written through the heart and mind of my little girl (mini schnauzer) Pixel, who shares her ‘Tails of Adventure’ as a dog. We are very attentive to our pets and they bring us such joy. Pixel is one of my greatest gifts ever, and I have a blast with her stories, photos and movies on the blog, http://www.pixelblueeyes.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment as well on it. We love it!

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