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This blog is for people to put forward their veiws about issues and topic on pets and other animals. Pets are popular but not always easy to live with. This is our chance to discuss and debate various issues that affect pets and their people.

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  1. I agree, pets can be difficult to live with and they are increasingly being treated as a part of the family, which is more rewarding for individauls owning a pet, but hard when you are looking for someone to share your life with, who will accept them as much as you. The USA and european countries have been onto this for years and have websites dedicated to pet lovers looking for a compatible partner. australia has a new site called meet a pet lover so is finally keeping us with the rest of the world which is great

  2. Is the book available in normal print form? My mum has a dog with separation anxiety issues but mum no way of a easing an eBook and neither do I.

  3. Right now, the book is only available as an ebook. In time, if we get enough orders, we will do a print run. Hard copy books will be much nicer with pics etc but they will cost lots more.
    If you have access to a computer, the ebook can be read on a normal computer screen. When you buy, you select the option you want – tablet, pc etc.

  4. I’d love to know how to make a stupid dog smart. My child is rough with her yet she goes back for more even after being injured.

  5. Dogs will put up with almost any way we treat them. Like us, however, they eventually have a snapping point. Don-t let it get to this stage. Monitor their interactions, show your child appropriate ways to interact and give your dog time away from your child (preferably with some alone time with you). then they are likely to have an even better relationship. Jo

  6. I have tried to explain gentle, and separated them. I have had one on one time with the dog. My child is two and understanding rough verse gentle is not working. Other ideas?

  7. Karen, the recommendation is that no child under 7 years of age (and some up to 10) be left alone with a dog. This is so that every single interaction can be monitored. This means that you need to intervene in every interaction. If not, they must be kept separate.
    If your dog dislikes the interaction or gets rough, they can be moved away. If a dog is unsure with children, you can give your dog positive associations by giving treats, etc. If the child is not responding to you, then a human behaviourist will be the answer. But remember at 2 years old, your child is not capable of understanding dogs so you have to do this for them.
    Good luck.

  8. I am always supervising my child and more so when the dogs are around. Separation sounds like the key. Thanks for the advice!

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