Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?

pug birthday

It seems that many of us dedicated pet owners do. In fact, 64% of pet owners who answered my survey* said they liked to celebrate their pet’s birthday and almost as many (61%) bought a present for their pet. This pet pressie purchasing increased even more at Christmas time with a whopping 81% treating their pet.

Ok – so those who are not quite so pet-oriented may think the rest of us are crazy pet people but perhaps we haven’t gone too far yet. Only 19% of us have actually held a party for our pet. Have you? Let us know what you did.

Chilli dog attended a puppy party. She was well -behaved until the cake was served. Chilli did not want any other dog to have their cake. Not that she wanted any cake. She refused to eat hers – not interested! But she did not want anyone else to have cake either! A brief walk away from the party, until the cake, was finished, distracted her.

Chilli puppachino 002
Chili devours a puppuchino. Note the body language – would any other dog go near this confident tail?

* Pet survey (2013). Righetti, J. More great results soon.

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  1. I celebrate Tigger’s birthdays with a special dinner (for him) and a pressie. Since he wasn’t expected to make it past 11, each birthday is a major celebration! He’ll be 16 on the 15th of May. 🙂

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