Blog sponsorship

Dr Jo’s Blog… for pets & their people is now offering advertising and sponsored posts. These posts will take priority over other posts.These are the accepted formats:

Sponsor formats

  1. Sponsored post

1.a. Sponsored post guidelines
Write a post using the guidelines here. Insert up to 3 links within the body of the article.
Sponsored post with links: You may add links (up to 3 links) to your sponsored post at the cost of A$50*.

1.b. Free post
Write an article  using the guidelines here. Link to your own website in the bio at the end. No other links will be accepted within the post. There is no charge for publication of this article.

1.c. Sponsored vs Free post
Sponsored posts will be given priority over free posts. You can nominate the day or time that your posts will be published or they will be posted at optimal engagement times for this blog. Dr Jo will also promote these posts more often in social media for enhanced engagement rates. Total engagement depends on the post topic, however, so ensure your post engages pet owners.

2. Dr Jo writes your post

If you do not wish to write your post but you have a topic in mind, Dr Jo Righetti may be able to write this for you. There is a charge for this service and the article must fit within the guidelines of this blog. Costs start at A$250* per article.
If you wish a product to be reviewed, then the product or service must be supplied to Dr Jo.
Costs vary depending on product or services offered and fees may be waived in return for product or competition giveaways.
Please contact for more information.
Written post with links: You may add links to your sponsored post at the total cost of A$300*.

3. Sponsor a particular blog page

Your company can sponsor a page already existing on this blog or promote their own article by including a message within the text of a blog post. The type of ads displayed are strictly controlled by blog editors. Please contact for more information.

Example of sponsor ads are below and on this page. You supply the graphic or text and suggest the page that you wish your message placed. Your message will be linked to your website. Ads should be either:
1. 600 x 300 block ad
2. 728 x 90  banner ad

Fees for advertising are $50* per advertisement for one calendar year and may continue longer, unless the space is desired by another company.

Payment of Sponsored Posts

For payment of any of the above options:
* Payment is by emailed invoice and is charged in Australian dollars (A$). GST is included in the price.