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Would you like to contribute to Pet Problems Solved?

Pet Problems Solved is Dr Jo Righetti, animal behaviourist\'s website and blog about pets and their people? Guest posts and contributions are now welcome.


Please meet the following criteria:

  1. When you submit an article*, please include:

    • A title and an author name.
    • Approx 400-900 words. (Longer articles will be considered upon request.)
    • A one or two sentence bio about yourself and/or your organisation/company. A link to your website is acceptable in the bio (Please do not link in the body of your article. If you wish to insert links, please see sponsorship page.)

Without the former, the article will not be accepted.
The following are optional:

  • Photos which include pets and the points that you are making in your article. If you do not supply any pictures, photos will be supplied within your article. Horizontal photo format is preferred.
    Please supply photos separately from the article, although you may indicate where you would like them placed within the article.
    A photo of yourself may be included, if desired.
  • Suggested keywords and/or SEO descriptions.
  • You may submit an idea, rather than a finished article, if desired.
  • Sign up to Pet Problems Solved to be notified of your article publication.

Please submit all articles to

*1. Please note that submission of an article does not equal automatic publication. Often articles will need to be revised by yourself or editors or, if deemed inappropriate, will not be published at all.
Many submissions are received and not all are accepted. You may not hear for a week and your article may not be published for several weeks. Priority may be given to sponsored articles.
Once published your article will be shared on social media and in member emails. Please sign up to receive emails (on right) or join us on social networks.

*2. Once published, your article may be quoted in other publications. While effort will be made to notify you, this may not always be possible. Dr Jo Righetti reserves the right to include your article in future publications e.g. digital pet ebooks.

  • 2. Articles which are favoured include:
  • Articles that are unique. We do not repeat topics. Check the website prior to submitting an article.
  • Articles which take the premise that pets are good for us, that life is better with pets.
  • Articles that solve a problem (this is pet problems solved).
  • Articles that give hints, tips and suggestions to improve life with pets
  • Articles that are contemporary or fun-filled

3. Articles which are not favoured include:

  • Expert articles (veterinary, health or behaviour) unless you are an expert e.g. vet. Medical advice will not be published without inclusion of veterinary advice.
  • Infographics (very few infographics are accepted)
  • An article that has been published elsewhere.
  • Those with links to other websites (one link to your own site is acceptable in your bio).
  • Articles that are overt advertising material. (If you wish to submit a sponsored post, there is a charge for this. Please see sponsorship details.)
  • Articles with poor grammar or English. Have someone read your article prior to submission.

4. Charges for articles
No charges are made for publication of blog posts. Nor is there any payment given.
You must not include links within the body of your article, otherwise charges will apply. Please see sponsorship for more details. One link from your short bio is acceptable and does not incur any fee.

This site advertises affiliate products. If you do not wish to have products advertised on your post, a fee will apply.

  • 5. Suggested articles

The following articles have been requested and will be favoured for publication. This list changes regularly so check back in soon...

  • Beginner's guide to marine aquarium
  • Tips on cat grooming
  • Designer pets - why buy posh and what to buy!
  • How to photograph pets
  • Best apps for pet lovers
  • Good pet business ideas
  • Why have a snake as a pet


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