Greyhounds make ‘greyt’ pets!

Australia’s canine experts are in agreement that a Greyhound can be a fantastic pet. Here are some highlights of what they have to say. Scroll down for their full expert opinion…

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Dr Jonica Newby, ABC Catalyst, science writer, broadcaster and former veterinarian

Dr Jonica Newby, ABC Catalyst

“During my early training as a veterinarian I had the great privilege of spending time with some of the retired greyhounds who had been adopted as pets by the staff.  They were such calm, restful, beautiful animals – totally at odds with what I’d expected.   My experience tells me they make lovely pets – though of course, anyone who takes on an animal with an unknown history may find they need a little extra help settling in.  But overall, they really do make surprisingly lovely and gentle companions.” 

Professor Paul McGreevy, University of Sydney, Faculty of Veterinary Science 

Prof Paul McGreevy

“I’ve been studying animal behaviour and animal welfare at the University of Sydney Vet faculty for the last 18 years and I’m particularly interested in the ways different breeds behave differently. We’ve bred Greyhounds to run and really enjoy running. They are built for racing but they are also built for health and they make wonderful companions. They may not be as fluffy as your average lap dog but true dog lovers see an extremely healthy and beautiful animal.”

Dr Lisa Chimes, Veterinarian, Bondi Vet & Dr Lisa to the Rescue

Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Vet

“Greyhounds are like big lap dogs and all they want to do is cuddle! There’s a huge misconception about Greyhounds. Everyone thinks that they need all this exercise. In fact, they’re pretty much couch potatoes! They’re very lazy. They need a little bit of exercise and the rest of the time, they lounge around.” 

Joe Daley BVSc MACVSc, Ark Vet Hospital, Lindfield

Dr Joe Daley with Willow

“I am a practicing vet and boy can I speak from experience about owning a rescue greyhound. I have been surrounded by many breeds of dogs through my work and growing up on a farm but none beat the place my greyhound Willow has found in my heart. He came to us battered, bruised and terrified and is now affectionate,gentle, playful and loyal companion who is healthy and low maintenance due to the many hours he sleeps. If you do adopt a rescue greyhound, you won’t regret it! “

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Dr Wendy Brown, Senior Lecturer, University of New England, Working Canines unit

DR Wendy Brown at UNE kennels with Greyhounds

“I think greyhounds are greatly undervalued as a pet dog, and not well understood by people that have not had contact with them. I have had many of them through my kennels here at UNE, and they are so gentle and easy to handle. Many people think that they must have high exercise requirements, as they are used for racing, but that is not true. They are real lounge lizards, not needing very much exercise at all. They have lovely velvety fur that requires little to no grooming, and are very affectionate. If you look at the literature, you will see that they have been shown to be  one of the least aggressive dogs. This might surprise people because they see them with muzzles on (a legal requirement)  and think of them chasing a rabbits.”

Dr Jo Righetti, Animal Behaviourist, Pet Problems Solved

Dr Jo with Chilli dog

“Greyhounds can be happy in apartments. They don’t need much exercise. They can be very quiet dogs.  Perfect for city life. But they will appreciate the occasional fast run and boy, are they fast! If you like a large-ish dog, then consider these gentle giants.”

So, will you now consider a Greyhound as a pet?

Greyhounds can make great pets. Yes, they are fast but they make firm friends. Yes, they are large but they can be gentle giants. Perhaps it’s time that you consider adopting a Greyhound into your life.

Do make sure that the Greyhound breed is the right dog for you. Consider your accommodation, your family, your desires for a family pet. Greyhounds as Pets in your State provide a lot of information about caring for these animals.

Register your interest in adopting or fostering a Greyhound with Animal Welfare League NSW.

Attend the Greyhound rehoming workshop on 1st Sept 2016

Dr Jo would like to thank all these busy industry experts for their time and consideration of Greyhounds as pets.