Yesterday we said goodbye to our cat Leo. Our big boy! G

Unfortunately it was too soon. He was only 6 years old. He had diabetes and pancreatitis and the enjoyment of life diminished so it was time. Leo has left behind one very sad family 🙁

leo face

Leo was my son Rowan’s cat. All 3 of my son’s have been given a cat on their 8th birthday, as I was given one when I was 8 (my best ever present!). My other two older sons still have their cats, Mew (15 yrsa old) and Ginger (11 years old).


Now my 14 year old son’s cat has gone and left a big empty space. A big space because he was a BIG cat. Being a Maine Coon, Leo was large in both size and personality. He quickly grew from a cheeky young kitten…who had his own blog for the first year of his life, cataloguing how he chewed his way through 6 mobile phone chargers! Read Leo’s Blog.


For all of his size though, Leo was a gentle giant. Not exactly a cat for cuddles, he did enjoy being held and put up with being carried around by the kids!

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Leo cuddles with Rowan

Even when his weight hurt their arms!

Leo with rowan

But like all cats, Leo was an expert at snoozing…

leo snoozing

Leo enjoyed testing new pet products eg. Leo’s review of the Hepper Pet Pod. Now I will have to convince my other cats to give them a go.

Leo also featured in all of my business communications, together with Chilli dog.

Leo will be remembered as a business cat, a family cat, a friendly cat, a gentle cat but most of all our BIG cat. Living with Leo made our hearts whole and Leo’s leaving has left our hearts broken.

Leo Righetti 30/7/08 – 1/4/15

Leo reading newspaper

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  1. OMG this is so sad Jo!!! Can’t believe Leo was only 6!!! What a beautiful big boy he was. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you xo

  2. So sad to say goodbye at any time but even more so when he was so young, so loved and with such a big heart. I’m thinking of you all in this devastating time. Thank you for letting me help you say goodbye to gorgeous Leo. ????

  3. So terribly sorry to hear about Leo crossing the Bridge, Jo. They always take part of your heart with them, but they will always stay in a part of your heart. Love from Lesley and all the fur kids.

  4. I am so so sorry Doc: ( Much love to you all. Until you cuddle again Leo’s time with you and the wonderful memories will keep you warm. Xxxx

  5. I’m so sorry that you lovely Leo has passed away. Sounds like he was a much-loved part of your family. May memories of the time you had together, and the things he did to make you laugh, bring you comfort. Thinking of you. <3

  6. And what a beautiful tribute Jo. I loved learning about the gift of love legacy at 8 years old for all of you. Purrfect and heart banging beautiful xxx

  7. Dear Jo, Our hearts are aching for you all, especially Rowan. Leo’s daredevil exploits were legendary and not even a paralysis tick could slow him down for long! What a performer – he knew how to position himself to ensure the setting sun provided a dramatic back-light, showing off his gleaming fur to perfection. (the gleam coming from the super-premium care and TLC he’d enjoyed since arriving into the RIghetti family. He was way too young but you and he fought hard and then gave him the kindest gift of all. Sending hugs and will be in touch separately too. KB and BPxx

  8. Oh dear, very sad indeed. I know the loss and heart break is huge. You gave him a great life and he made a big impact in his short life. I shared your post with P4L. Would you like me to include Leo on the P4L memorial post later in the year?

  9. Oh it is so hard saying goodbye to our loved furry family members. They have such a big part of our hearts. What a beautiful boy. Thoughts your way.

  10. Sorry to hear jo, I remember how I felt after our thomas died, he was 17 years old, we now have 2 gorgeous cats

  11. Oh Jo it’s is really heartbreaking as I have watched all your posts over the years. Cherish those memories as they are the ones that get you though.

  12. I,m so sorry for you… Leo”s HUMAN family. I always heard about him on the radio. You all gave him a lovely life .. sleep assured x

  13. Infinite love and gratitude to your family. Leo, say meow to my Tiger. She’ll love to play with you in pet heaven. xxx

  14. Aaaw big, big hugs to you. I understand totally. Our furry babies are so precious xxxx Try to remember the good stuff and not be too sad xoxo

  15. So Sorry To Hear You Lost A Valuable Member Of Your Family…………You Gave Leo A Wonderful Life And He Gave You Unconditional Love…Be Happy For Your Time And For Your Wonderful Memories…RIP Leo…You Will Be In A More Peaceful Place And In Good Company…..:'( :'( :'(

  16. RIP handsome man, enjoy your new life at rainbow bridge, I know my Minnie Mouse will be up there with you. Sending love and hugs to you and the family Jo xo

  17. Leo, I’d never met you…until today. Bless you family for having such wonderful parents in allowing each of their children to have a beloved life to grow up with. It looks like you will be sorely missed, but, never forgotten.

  18. So sad to read of the loss of your darling Leo. I lost my beautiful girl ZouZou (in the pic) just on a year ago – its as if it were yesterday. Be comforted in the fact that no-one could have loved him more. There will be days of tears and there will be days where you can smile and laugh as you remember him. He’s forever in your heart. Lots of hugs.

  19. Sincere sympathy to your whole family, but especially your son. May you take comfort in knowing that there are a lot of people to share your pain and grief.. We have them often for a short time and they bring us so much unconditional love and joy. His memory will live on forever.

  20. Saying goodbye is the toughest part; they’re never here for long enough. What an incredible six years that Leo gave you – and all of us who followed him online. May those memories bring you comfort and one day – a reason to smile. My heart goes out to you, Jo, and to your family.

  21. I am so sorry for you and your family on the loss of your much loved Leo. Each time one of these precious family members leave us, they take a chunk from our hearts with them, but in time the happy memories remain to sustain us……

  22. I just read your story about your sweet Leo…my heart breaks for you…he’ll be waiting for you on the other side with a great BIG hug!

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