Goodbye Ginger

Ginger Righetti

I should be celebrating. But I am not. Not yet…

Today I leave for a month’s holiday with my family. A much needed break and time spent together. Well, minus son no. 1 who is staying at home to look after pets. (No parties please!) I am off with son no. 3, to see son no.2, who has been studying in Florida.

Why no celebration? Well, we had to say goodbye to our handsome Ginger at the weekend. Ginger survived his hyperthyroid radioactive iodine treatment earlier this year and his paralysis tick episode just a month ago but the mass growing in his chest just didn’t allow him to carry on. Fortunately for us and him, the discovery of this was recent and the end was sudden. He just couldn’t breath any more.

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Ginge was a lover, not a fighter. He never put his claws out. He never fought another cat. He just purred and gave huge head butts, the latter when you least expected them!

Even my closest friends hardly new Ginger existed. He was a shy boy and would rather watch people from afar, only interacting when everyone had settled down to chat or watch TV. Then the first our unsuspecting guests would know of Ginger’s presence was the head butt!

Each of my son’s has received a cat on their 8th birthday, as I did on mine (best present ever!). How hard it was to tell son no. 2 that we had to say goodbye to his cat Ginger. From Florida, he said “Say goodbye from me”. And coming so soon after loss of son no. 2’s cat Leo. Not a good year for Righetti cats 🙁 But perhaps they are together, meeting up, having a feline festive fiesta!!

And so I am off on holiday. My other pets (son no. 1’s cat Mew is 16 and still going strong) are being well cared for, so I can relax and remember Ginger.

Ginger, a handsome boy


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  1. Dear Jo – so sorry for your loss – and hopefully you’ll see this before you head off on hols. Ginger was indeed an amazing cat and I have fond memories of being head-butted and that incredible purr. Give our love to NO.2 son (protecting his identity) and our sympathies – and extend to all in the family. I’m sure NO.1 son will take great care of Chilli, Mew and chooks! Happy Holidays and here’s to a fabulous 2016. xx

  2. So very very sorry for you all – he fought the good fight but you were able to give him the best life and release from pain . Have commented on your website too – sending hugs and I’m sure 2016 will be fantastic. xx

  3. RIP Ginger. Just reading this made me tear up thinking of my ginger boy I got when I was 9. He passed away in 1998 but I still miss him

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