Going on a vacation? What to do with your dog

Leaving your dog behind when you go on holiday can be traumatic for many owners. Alex Khan has some tips for us…

Everybody deserves a break. But what happens when you’re unable to bring your beloved dog with you? Although some hotels accepts four legged pets, overseas trips and most hotels make it impossible to bring your pup. Luckily there are many options for dog owners which won’t leave your dog unhappy or depressed. With a wide range of different boarding options for your pet, they may even feel like they have been on a vacation themselves.

These steps will help you feel more confident when leaving your dog:


There are many different dog kennels and boarding facilities to choose from so you need to make sure that the kennel you choose is right for you and your dog. Following this check-list when visiting the facilities list will help with your search.

– Cleanliness: Make sure it’s clean.
– Happiness: Make sure the Dogs look happy inside.
– Treatment: Observe how the animals are being treated by the employees.
– Play Area: Make sure there is a large, caged outdoor play area for your dog.
– First Aid: Make sure you ask how first aid is dealt with and check the qualifications of the employees.

The most important thing for your dog is that you feel confident. If you feel confident then your dog should be happy.

Leaving your dog in a kennel can sometimes be traumatic for your dog so the best thing you can do is prepare as much as possible before you leave. These tips below will help you feel confident and allow your dog to have the best time possible while you’re away.

– Make Sure Your Dog Is Socialised. Your Dog will be surrounded by several other dogs when at the facility. Make sure your dog has had previous socialisation with other dogs so it doesn’t freak out or become aggressive.
– Prepare their Food: If you want to keep your dog as happy as possible, make sure he eats the same food at the facility as he does at home. You can prepare ahead and give it to the boarding kennel. This will avoid upsetting his digestion and give him a feeling of home comfort.
– Health: Make sure that your dog has all vaccinations needed for the kennel as he can be refused without these. Hand over your dog’s medical history so that the kennel is aware of any illnesses in case he becomes sick.
– Be Cool: Don’t get emotional when saying goodbye. Your dog will pick up on this and become anxious himself.

If you have an old or sick dog, it might be a good idea to see if you can leave your pup with the vet. New environments can sometimes cause stress to your pets and old or sick pets may be even more venerable. Although your dog may not have as much fun as they would at a boarding facility, they will be close to medical attention if something goes wrong. If you have a healthy dog, there is no need for it to stay at the vet.

About the author
Alex Khan is a carer at Spoilt Rotten Dogs , one of Sydney’s inner west leading luxury dog boarding facilities. When he is not taking care of his clients’ dog, Alex enjoys sharing his knowledge. 


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