I’m going to tug at your heartstrings here! Well, we all love our pets, don’t we? And these pets need our help…

Picture these scenarios…
What would you do if you needed money to pay for your pet’s operation but didn’t have access to the necessary cash? What if your pet insurance wouldn’t cover it? It’s easy, when you’re not attached to that animal, to think that euthanasia might be the best option but when that pet is your family and the chances of a good recovery are high, funding their medical treatment seems the right thing to do.

Or perhaps you fall in love with a special animal while travelling overseas. You can either return home leaving the animal to face its life in misery or you could raise the funds to bring it home to live life as your pet.

Raising funds to help pets in need
 GoFundMe is a social fundraising platform that is providing a important social network for pets that need help and I hope that you have it in your heart, and a tiny bit from your wallets, to help these pets in need.
Here are their stories…



Lord Dashy, affectionately known as Dashy, and his owner Paula Harrison have struggled with multiple surgeries following his diagnosis with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). Currently, Paula is facing the enormous task of paying back the $7,000 that she borrowed to cover emergency spinal surgery. A GoFundMe has been set up by Paula’s friends to help her cover these costs as she nurses Dashy back to health.
Help Lord Dashy 2nd “Back” Surgery 

Charlie’s Spinal Surgery

 Charlie, a welsh corgi and the much-loved pet of Katie Hall, suffered from three herniated discs in his back on Sunday 2nd July. This resulted in emergency spinal surgery for nine discs – a lucky catch for Charlie who could have been permanently paralysed. Now, he faces a long road to recovery as Katie struggles to meet his mounting vet bills. As her pet insurance won’t cover these expenses, Katie has turned to GoFundMe to help her raise the $10,000 necessary to cover Charlie’s surgery.
Help Charlie’s Spinal Surgery


Saving Saffron

Melanie Munro fell in love with Saffron, a stray dog, while on holiday in Indonesia and didn’t hesitate when the option of adopting her was presented. For Saffron, who has spent her entire life scavenging and living the dangerous life of a stray, this is an opportunity to live in a loving and safe home with the Munros. Currently, Saffron is safe in an Indonesian boarding facility and waiting until the Munro’s are able to cover the enormous costs of having her transported to Australia.
Help Save Saffron

 Please Help Chibi

Chibi, a six-month-old king charles cavalier spaniel, provides much needed support to 14-year-old Gypsy who suffers from social anxiety and bullying. Unfortunately, after becoming tangled Chibi fell and broke a bone in her upper leg. Casey Watson has set up a GoFundMe for her niece and Chibi to help them cover the initial surgery bill and ongoing rehabilitation costs.
Help Chibi 

Help Shyla be a puppy

Sheree Lingard and her family searched high and low for a puppy to welcome into their family. After finally arriving in Tasmania to meet her new family, it was discovered that Shyla had sustained a serious injury to her leg in transit. It has been challenging for Shyla to undergo the surgeries needed as she is so young and her bones are so soft that it makes any operation a risk. As Shyla’s pet insurance claim was rejected, Sheree has set up a GoFundMe to help her cover the vet bills and get Shyla back on her feet.
Help Shyla be a puppy

Hugo needs your help to recover

Hugo, an 11-week-old french bulldog, was struck down with a liver illness, suspected to be the result of poisoning from ingesting a toxic plant. Hugo’s owners will need to cover the vet bills for his treatment and ongoing care until he is stable and able to rejoin them. Hugo’s breeders have set up a GoFundMe on behalf of his owners to help them cover these bills and see Hugo to a successful recovery.
Hugo needs your help to recover

Even just a few dollars could make all the difference to these pets in need. At the very least could you share this post or one of the stories at the GoFundMe site to get these pets the help they need.
Thank you!

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