Furry fun on Feb 14: Who’s your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day. Does it fill you with dread? What will you buy? Will you receive a card? Does anyone want to be your Valentine?

If you are like one fifth of the people around the world, you would rather share your Valentine’s Day with your pet than with a human partner. Aussies even more so, with one quarter of us opting for furry fun on Feb 14th.

Truly the first in furry lovers must be Turkey where one half of Turkish people intend to spend time with their pets this Sunday. India and Japan are not far behind.

And where should you go if you really would like some attention from that special HUMAN in your life? Answer = France. Only one in ten French people opted for the pet. A nation of Romantics.

Well I’m spending my Valentine’s Day at the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo… how romantic is that (say hello if you’re there). Where will you be on Valentine’s Day and who will you be with?

Valentine Puppy Chilli

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