The best kind of bone for your dog this Xmas!

Christmas is a time for indulgence – for humans! Our pets, however, do not fare well with the rich foods that we may indulge in and some of our favourites can even be fatal for our cats and dogs.

There are a number of common foods that can cause potentially fatal health complications for your pet.

Foods to avoid include:

  • Chocolate – toxic to dogs and cats, even in small quantities
  • Nutmeg – one of the lesser known poisonous foods. Dogs can suffer from tremors, seizures, issues with the nervous system and even death.
  • Avocadoes – contains a dangerous toxin which can damage the heart, lungs and tissue of many different animals
  • Turkey skin, pork crackling, sausages and fatty meats – can lead to inflammation of the pancreas due to high fat content
  • Onions and garlic – can cause gastric irritation and anaemia if they are consumed in large quantities
  • Grapes and raisins – can cause acute kidney failure
  • Macadamia nuts – can be toxic to dogs. Symptoms will likely occur within 12 hours and can include vomiting, hyperthermia and elevated heart rate.
  • Others – include dairy products, raw eggs, mushrooms, raw fish, citrus fruit, green potatoes and large quantities of tomatoes or salt.

If you suspect your pet has eaten something toxic you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

food xmas dog
Keep an eye on your pet’s diet over he holiday period

Your pet will love some good quality treats and of course all the pressies you can give them!

Enjoy Christmas with your pets and keep one another safe!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting what our pets can & can’t eat for Christmas. I don’t know where it came from but I remember somewhere years ago, somehwere it said to give your dog / cat a raw egg in their meal every so often because it made their coat shine……Obviously an ‘old wives tale’….. I must say I’ve been guilty of it on the rare occasion. Not for that reason, but just because they were getting closer to use by date & I didn’t want them to go to waste. Never thought anything of it. I’m surprised my dear JRx is still alive. He even used to get fed grapes years back but then I found out they were bad for him. It’s good to know! I have printed out a list & put it on my refrigerator to remind myself. Common sense is one thing, but memory fail is another! 😉 Thank you again!

    1. I think we have all been guilty of feeding the wrong foods to our pets. I remember growing up, we would give our dog chocolate for Xmas – a big no no! Little bits may not have done too much harm but why would we risk it when we now know better. Save all the indulgent foods for ourselves!!!

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