Better with Pets (Shopping for the pet lover)

I love to wear items of clothing, shoes and jewellery that celebrate pets. A t-shirt with a dog on it, cat earrings or pawprint shoes. Now it’s got to the stage that when I don’t wear any pet-related item, people are disappointed!

Plus my house is full of decor with pet themes. Animal print, cat ornaments, cushions featuring dogs and cats… and these are just the human decor! Add in my pet’s belongings (toys, beds, scratching posts etc etc) and you can see how pet-centric my home is. But I think that’s what makes it a home.better with pets cushion

For me, everything is definitely better with pets… life, home, work, companionship. That’s why I decided to design my own pet-related items. While I did this (primarily) for me, I thought maybe some others would like the same things I do, so I have made these available for everyone.

These items are all in the DrJo Unleashed store. So, if you are looking for a gift for a pet lover or something to treat yourself, you can take a look. Make your life better with pets 🙂


I have also added a couple of Chilli- inspired items and a couple of Leo-inspired ones too (to commemorate my beautiful, large pussycat).

Keep a regular look out as I’ll add more over the coming weeks.

Check out my DrJo Unleashed store.


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