Why Every Dog Owner Should Use a Dog Playpen

Have you ever considered the use of a doggy playpen? Well, if your dog has ever annoyed your guests or destroyed furniture or other items within your home, perhaps you should. Plus, dogs often simply enjoy an enclosed space. Here, John Howes of PetCareUp describes the benefits that he has found in using a playpen for dogs.

When I first heard of the Dog Playpen, I didn’t understand its purpose until a friend did a rundown and I realised that a playpen could be very useful and beneficial for every dog owner. Here’s why…

What is a Playpen Exactly?
Even when you stay at home 24/7, you can’t always keep an eye on your puppy. They may face danger if you cannot stay alert all the time. To ensure their safety, you can opt for a playpen.
Playpens are open spaces and our canine friends can grow familiar with them within no time at all! Most dog playpens are big enough to accommodate the owner as well; useful if both grownups and kids want to play with their adorable puppy inside.
You can set up a dog bed and put dog toys inside the pen. The puppy will remain happy and safe from harm. In fact, you can even put a crate inside the playpen and start training then and there.

Playpens Provide Much-Needed Safety
Playpens don’t only provide safety to pups but also to grown-up dogs. Dogs are always curious (not as much as cats, thankfully) and so it is common for them to move around the house. This can prove to be fatal, if they come into contact with or chew our many electronic devices lying around.
So, when you go out, you can leave your dog in their playpen. Be sure to give them their favourite toys to play with. And keep a bed there too, so that they can rest peacefully. In that way, your dog will not become restless, resulting into tearing down the playpen.

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Keeps Your House in One Piece
How can a Playpen keep my house in one piece? Well, along with your dog’s safety, the safety of your house is assured. Dogs are full of energy. You can never know when they might decide to show it. Your dog will have ample space to move and play within their playpen.
You can put all their favourite toys in there. If they have a crate, you can put it inside the playpen. In this way, they can rest in the crate and come out to play while inside the assigned boundary. As a result, your dog can still have fun.

Separate Them, but Do Not Isolate Them
Sometimes, when we have a party or invite guests, we don’t want our dogs around. In those times, we may lock them away in a room or place them within a crate. Isolating your dog, however, may deprive them of company, which they love.
Instead, you can set up the playpen somewhere close to you. In this way, you will be able to keep them away but not isolate them. Your dog will enjoy their time, while you enjoy yours.

An alternative to crates
Many dog owners have problems in using crates: They or their dogs don’t like them. Well, if your dog does not like a crate at all, the playpen can be an alternative.
Crates are confined spaces, while playpens allow dogs a limited, but more open, space. You can train your dog to love their playpen. And the best part is, you don’t need a lot of hard work to do that.

You can set it up outdoors
Dogs tend to dig, and one of their favourite digging spots are flower beds. They can ruin your well-managed garden.! For this reason, we sometimes don’t bring our dogs into the yard. But, with a playpen, you can.
The Dog Playpen can easily be set it up in the yard, or any outdoor place. Your dog will be able to enjoy the open air, and jump around. You don’t have to hold them down with a leash.

Playpen summary
Playpens can be useful, giving your dog space, play opportunities, a place to rest and keep them and your home safe. Dog playpens come in various designs, so you have a huge variety to choose from. You will enjoy using your dog’s playpen and your dog will enjoy playing in it.


About the Author: 

John Howes is the founder of PetCareUp. 29-year-old, entrepreneur, pet lover and passionate blogger. He loves to write about pets and helps pet owners to choose the best products for their animal companions.

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