I, like many other people, like the idea of being as green and environmentally friendly as possible in all that I do. So it makes sense to consider these options for pets too. This guest post comes from Melissa Stevens, a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast, as well as being an animal lover. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave us your tips for eco-friendly living with pets.

Green pets: eco-friendly ideas

Having a dog or a cat as another family member is not an unusual thing among many families all over the world. They become as children to you and a fluffy friend to your children, and their loyalty and love last for as long as they live. They offer unconditional love and comfort to their families and it is no wonder that people think of them as ‘four legged, furry people’. Now, when you truly love someone, you do anything to keep them safe and healthy. Did you stop to think about how your habits influence them and how they influence the environment?

Pet beds

Now, we all know that our pets like to sleep wherever they like, as long as it’s warm and soft. They often end up in our own beds with us and we worry about accidentally hurting them in our sleep. Of course, when buying pet beds you think about your pet first, but what if you could recycle at the same time? There are many great upcycled pet bed ideas that you will never think of investing in one of those expensive ones. Use an old suitcase or simple wooden wine box, put a soft cushion and a blanket in and watch as your pet gets in and makes itself comfortable.

Environmentally safe cat litter

Not many people pay attention to the ingredients of cat litter they’re using and so they miss the information that it can contain clay that is strip-mined, which is bad for the environment. There are, of course, organic alternatives to it, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. What you can use instead is home-made eco-friendly cat litter made of chicken corn crumble because it is similar to organic corn based cat litter you can buy in shops. Simply pour chicken crumble into the litter box, add a quarter cup of baking soda and a few handfuls of cedar shavings (these are optional, but they add nice smell to the combination, though). You can scoop it up and clean it every day and replace it as you usually would.

Eco-friendly pet ideas

What to use for dog poop?

Now, when it comes to dog poop, it can be a bit tricky: plastic bags take too long to degrade and using paper too often is also a bad idea. What you can do instead is use a biodegradable bag for your dog’s poop. You can also make a pet waste compost container in your back yard, just make sure it’s far from products which are meant for human consumption.

Pet toys

Make your own pull toys for your dog and cat toys using only your old clothes and a few simple things. Rip apart your old jeans, napkins, and tees into scraps first. For your dog – make two holes in a tennis ball, have a few scraps through and braid them. Tie knots on both sides and there you have it – a new toy for your pet to play with. They will love it even more if they recognize your smell on the fabric. For your cats, use two simple key rings: tie a few scraps onto the first one and brain them together into a long braid. Tie smaller scraps of fabric onto the other one and simply lock the two rings together.

Even the cat has a use for old newspapers

Organic materials

We understand that your pet is very important to you and that you will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy. This also means that you will choose to dress them up in different vests and jackets when it’s cold outside. While some may hesitate to do this, others will not, and whether you should provide your dog with a vest in entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that if he lacks a heavy hair coat, he will need more than simple curling up to keep himself warm. Opt for vests which are made or organic materials, wool and cotton (pure wool might make them uncomfortable due to itching).

Keeping them healthy

You are probably aware that most flea remedies use harsh and often even toxic chemicals which can harm your pet. There are dogs which are hypersensitive to fleas and remedies used to repel them and there are a few natural alternatives you can use instead. One of the best is a spray which you can make yourself. You will need to mix half of cup of witch hazel with a half of cup of apple cider vinegar. Add 12 drops of lemon tea tree oil (which is amazing for repelling and killing ticks and fleas alike), 4 drops of eucalyptus oil , 4 drops of cedar wood oil and 10 drops of lavender oil (this calms their skin and reduces the itching at the same time). You can inform yourself even more about natural remedies you can make on your own.

Pets keep us healthy, they keep our blood pressures low, help us fight depression and anxiety, stay with us when we are feeling bad, and generally make us happy and content. They influence our lives so much, that we often put them on the first and ourselves on the second place. We shouldn’t forget other people, other pets and our environment in the process, though, and we should always try to do whatever we can so that the entire world and everyone in it stay healthy.


About Melissa Stevens melissa stevens ecofriendlypets

Melissa Stevens is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast and huge animal lover! All relevant information for this article she got from experts from Stefmar. She is interested in practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life, and she likes sharing them with  others.




  1. I wonder if the most Eco-friendly, green thing you can do is give a shelter pet a home? Recycling pets is always unwanted but why not consider this when choosing a pet 🙂

  2. Thanks for the eco-friendly pet ideas. Can you tell me what “chicken corn crumble” is? When I search for into on it, I find recipes for crumbing chicken with corn flakes, which is probably not the recommendation for cat litter!

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