Leopard & cubI was swapping little cats for big ones. Swapping my animal print home decor for real living animal coat patterns… watching Leopards.

We heard about a leopard and her cub and raced off on an extra Safari trip to view them in a reserve near Lion Sands, where we were staying. What a beautiful sight to see the mother leopard and her cub, a female, relaxed enough to be playing together on the ground. Mum had made a recent kill of a bush buck and had dragged it up a tree (the kill was so fresh that blood was dripping down form the tree). Having this supply of food for her and her cub, left her free time to be able to play and relax over the next couple of days.


This sighting and watching the interactions between mum and cub were too good to miss and so we went back the next day. By this time, the prey in the tree was rather fragrant (smelly). Mum and cub again were relaxing on the ground with the cub occasionally pouncing on her tail or coming in for a rub and cuddle. Being a single cub, mum had to be a playmate, as well as main provider of food.

Leopard & cub

These animals were so relaxed around us which is great for future safaris. The cub, as she grows, is unlikely to run away from vehicles and humans, as so many other animals do. Instead her socialisation process has included positive encounters, albeit from a distance, with us.

You can watch them in the following video, the cub exploring and the mum climbing her tree, followed by her cub also climbing. A magic moment of our safari…

Truly the most amazing part of my safari.


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  1. A magic moment indeed! I love how there are such similarities between the big cats and our domestic ones. Seeing the pouncing and climbing; could easily have been my girls – just on a much bigger scale!

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