Every safari drive is different. You never know what you will encounter. You can drive for an hour seeing little or perhaps seeing hundreds of impala but little else. Then you turn a bend and there is a zebra crossing. Yes, literally, zebras are crossing the road in front of you!

Elephants are magnificent creatures and I had 2 special encounters at two separate reserves. One with a group of elephants including a couple of young males, one who was very inquisitive…

One young make broke away from the group, after tussling with his brother, and decided to investigate our vehicle. “Don’t worry” our guide advised. “He’s playing!” Amazingly, in spite of the elephant approaching with flapping ears and knowing that his trunk can pull a fully grown tree out by its roots or overturn a safari vehicle, I did not worry.

Watch our Elephant encounter

Elephant encounter

On another occasion, we spotted a group of about 12 elephants wandering along the road in front of our vehicle. With them was a tiny baby, less than 6 months old. The baby struggled to keep up with the group but several of them walked beside him. He fell down a ditch in the road and the others helped with their trunks to lift him back on to the road. Just beautiful to watch a bonded family.

We also were lucky enough to spend time watching a female elephant and her young, 2 year old bull calf. They were on a dry river bed and the mother had dug a water hole. We watched the two elephants interact  including the calf nursing from his mum. At this age he would be eating leaves and plants as well as still receiving milk. He will stay with his mother until he becomes a boisterous adolescent, at around 12 years of age.

Amazingly the mother was calm enough to allow us to watch her and her baby. At one point she did appear to become a little agitated and so we moved on. See this
Elephant & Baby encounter

elephant & calf photoWhat a priviledge to be able to observe interactions like these. One I shall never forget.

More of Dr Jo’s Safari highlights coming soon including a Leopard encounter

Lion encounters


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