Destination: Kruger, South Africa

Reserves: Makalali, Sabi Sands (Lion Sands)

While studying zoology I learned about zebras and lions and leopards and buffalo and antelope and all sorts of other fascinating creatures. I had seen them in zoos. I had never encountered them in the wild until now…

Two safaris every day day for a week, the first at 6am – and at a cold 3C – and the evening one at 3:30pm. Even if you are not a morning person, the prospect of seeing wild animals has you jumping out of bed.

Civet, Mongoose and more.

White RhinoZebraElephant


Lion encounters

After 90 minutes of searching for lions, we saw 3 giraffe heads over the trees ahead and and as we drove into the clearing where they were, then started to run. “Why are the giraffes running? we asked. Just then a lion appeared in front of our vehicle. “Lion!” everyone called. We followed two male lions for the next half hour, who were more interested in lazing around than hunting. It was rather amazing to watch one stretch its entire body vertically up a tree, then scratch its claws against the bark – a natural scratching post.

After we left them, we turned the next bed in the road and there were 7 lions lying on the track…


LionsOn another drive, we came across 4 lions, two males and two females. One female was leading the two males on a hunt, followed in the rear by the second female who was pregnant. She moved slowly along the tracks and we followed her.

How amazing to make eye contact with a wild lion as she squatted to urinate! And how my life, everywhere I go, is filled with peeing pussycats, big or small!!

lion male

Lion pregnant peeing

By now, I was hooked on safari trips…

More highlights – Elephant encounters

and Leopard encounters… coming soon

Meanwhile, you can listen to Dr Jo’s stories on her encounters at Pet Talk Radio. Listen here


  1. Love your ‘peeing pussycat’ comment! I loved seeing your photos while you were gone; I felt like I was living vicarously through you for that time. Thankyou for sharing your amazing adventure with us. I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

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