Dogs for kids

Which breed of dog is best for kids? A question I am often asked.


Choosing a breed of dog is not easy and most people opt for the breed they grew up with. The ‘Oodle’ varieties seem to be gaining in popularity but are they the best for families with young children? Traditionally the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Labrador and the Golden Retriever are suggested as good family pets. But what do you think?

Which dogs do you think are best for families? Any why? (Comment below)

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best dogs for children?

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  1. We had a labrador growing up. He was the best dog – so gentle and tolerant. He was also very protective of us.

    I now have an almost 8yo Siberian Husky and she loves my 3yo son, but if they are playing in the yard together she can get a bit rough and knock him over in her excitement. That’s okay now he’s older and bigger, but when he was just learning to walk it was a bit daunting for him.

    But no matter what the breed, I can’t stress enough how important it is to always, always, ALWAYS supervise children and pets when they are together, and teach your children how to properly and gently handle animals.

  2. Great post! I come across this blog as I was browsing google and and I enjoyed reading it. You’re such a powerful writer! Keep writing wonderful write ups.

  3. Aside from supervision training is key. Parents must be willing to train the dog and teach their children how to train and behave around them – consistently – regardless of breed. There is no automatic bomb-proof breed.

  4. Patti, you are so right. Training of both dogs and kids is vital. Unfortunately families rarely have any time to devote to dog training. I find little bits throughout the day helps lots and the kids can join in too in training their dog and they usually love it. Jo

  5. Boxer!!!! Could there be a more bomb proof dog?? Dress him up, drag him around by the jowls, put headbands on him, hell even sit on him and he will still look at you with those love eyes 🙂

  6. cav king charles, border collie or cairn terrier x!! All the breeds that we have had over the years since having children…and none of them gave us a moments’s grief! All great with young and older children!

  7. @Alicia – I agree, except the breeds we’ve had through the children’s growing up were Pembroke Corgi, Golden Retriever, English Setter and now a Bichon Frise who can hide when the grandchildren get a bit boisterous for her (but she’s 10 and they’re toddlers). Perhaps a good result depends on how you train both your children and your dogs.

  8. There’s always rescue! We get lots of emails from people who’ve adopted saying they’ll never buy a dog again. A good rescue group will help match a dog with your lifestyle and you’ll get an idea of their personality from their foster parents 🙂

  9. I went through quite a selection process 16 years ago when I decided on a staffie. We have since added 2 children & another staffy to the family & we couldn’t be happier. They seem to be able to handle anything the kids have dished up to them & have always been very gentle with little ones. They have even cured a few of my daughters friends of being scared of dogs! Love them 🙂

  10. I would not go on breed but would be doing a very careful selection of who bred the puppy, how it was raised from birth till I was going to take it on and then spend a lot of time with the puppies carefuly observing their interaction with my family. I think going on just a breed is too risky as there are so many individual variances within temperament in any litter.

  11. Larger breeds are out of the question, they grow so quickly and require much more time…my dog’s 3 1/2, he’s perfectly professional when working, on pet time he forgets he’s such a big puppy! If I had to choose by breed, it’d be a ‘nanny’ dog, a staffy, but like louise if i had free choice, i wouldn’t go by breed.

  12. My children (now 10 and 13) have a Whippet each. They’re quiet, easy to look after,will cheerfully go for a long walk with us and when they come home, they’ll cuddle up on the couch with their young owners. A generally very healthy breed too.

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