Dog treats vs poison: pet health infographic


Here’s a fun way to look at the good and bad food for dogs. Let’s keep our dogs healthy…
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Cat treats vs poison


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  1. Hi Jo, thanks for posting such a clear and user-friendly guide to dogs and food. I’m Sarah and I’m a university student running a social campaign to increase dog owner responsibility in Sydney. In a recent post, we did some research and actually found peanut butter is okay for pets to eat, which was a real surprise! It’s interesting that the infographic notes dogs can actually eat ‘doggy chocolate’ too, I personally didn’t know that existed until now! These little facts would surely help the lay dog owner do their part and avoid feeding their dog(s) the wrong foods. The infographic is just too good not to retweet to our followers, so I look forward to getting onto that! It’d be great if you could pop by our blog and have a look at some of the posts we’ve put up! 🙂 Thanks for your time!

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