Why.. oh why do some animals love to roll in mud?

Yes biologically it’s great. Deals with parasites, disguises smells, cools you down. This does not explain why one dog loves it and will find a puddle of mud in the middle of a desert and another will avoid a water-logged field.

My previous dog Cherry was a princess who would tread gracefully through field of grass, avoiding puddles, avoiding dipping her toes in anything wet, messy and especially avoiding anything muddy. Oh yes, i would return form the park on a rainy day with a dry dog and secretly gloat over owners who had to towel-dry their pooch prior to re-entry to car or home. Doggy paw wipes were made for those unfortunate owners.

Along came dog no.2, Chilli (sadly after the passing of Cherry). Along with Chilli, came mud. And lots of it. Payback time for all those secret smiles and self-congratulations on rearing such delicate dog souls.

Chilli loves mud. Chilli has mud radar. No distractions can possible compete with a muddy puddle. And believe me I have tried all that she loves – her ball, other dogs, yummy treats. Mud wins!

Chilli in mud

...getting muddier

...and muddiest