Our pets help us in many ways, not least of these is emotional support. They give us a reason to go on; a reason to find happiness again. This is Pam’s story…

My husband left me after 26 years of marriage.
I had 2 dogs and 2 cats at the time, they helped me so much because I became very depressed & confused.
We eventually divorced and I was prompted by my Mother to meet other men. I went out for dinner with 2 different men. I was so….bored.
I drove myself home opened the front door & my 2 magnificent little dogs welcomed me home as if they hadn’t seen me for years!

I then realised I didn’t need a man in my life any more. My family animal friends were all I needed to make me happy. My animals have been with me through divorce & the death of friends & relatives. I tell people that dogs and cats give me more happiness than any human can.

I have shared my home with the 4 dogs and cats for nearly 17 years. When old age arrived they were under the care of Sydney University Vet Clinic & the local Vet. Euthanasia is the only way when they started to suffer.

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I now have another dog. I waited nearly 5 years till I had grieved & knew it was time to share my life with another dog. He was 5 years when I adopted my latest dog. Zac is a perfect companion, so affectionate, gentle & very intelligent. He loves going out in the car & sits with me watching TV then off to bed together.
When I Adopted Zac I had 2 Cats – Shelley was 7yrs old & Brandy was 15yrs old. Shelley is a Tortie Persian.

I know other people share the same feelings about animals it is something so special. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have this spiritual bond with animals.

Has a pet helped you through a major life event? Let us know your story.


  1. Jo, that lady says it all… my dogs are the centre of my universe , which says a lot about the humans in it sadly

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