Ship ahoy

Pacific Pearl top deck

“How would you like to talk on a cruise ship?”

That was the email I received one evening, sent from P&O. The email looked official but somehow I didn’t believe it.

“Tell me more.” I replied. ‘Let’s talk.”

So Elise from P&O Lifestyle cruises and I began our conversation, planning and scheming to bring pets to cruise ships. Well we can’t actually bring pets on board ship (I’ll be the one planning and scheming over the next few years to do this J) but we can talk about them.

All aboard

Working on board ship

Now, here I am aboard the lovely Pacific Pearl, a new cruise ship to the fleet of P&O vessels, sailing from Auckland to Sydney. Not being a regular cruiser, I have to say I was a little worried about seasickness but no worries, shipmate. I have sea legs.

There are 14 levels on this ship – amazing. There is everything you could need – an over-abundance of food and drinks, entertainment for every taste and so many spots to relax. Then there is all the lifestyle advice – tasting wine, reducing stress, the style squad – and yes I need it all. You could call it heaven but then again… there are no pets L

So here I am giving advice to people, as I always strive to do. Except this time, it’s not in the local vet clinic or the nearby park, it’s in a cruise ship theatre. A passing thought… combining pet talk with a singing & dancing cabaret Dr Jo act… crosses my mind, but only fleetingly. People want to hear about pets. People want to talk about their pets. People want to show me pictures of their pets. Life as normal.

Ever taken a cruise?

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  1. Hi Jo Just wanted to thank you for your interesting talks on the cruise. It was lovely talking to you. Mandy (in wheelchair) and myself always looked forward to the chats. X Jenny

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