Confessions of a behaviourist – part 3 (mad pet lady)

Confessions of a behaviourist…

Ferret Fun

Thunder & Lightning Mansion

My family has two ferrets named Thunder & Lightning. These names suit their personalities as they are a storm of activity whenever they are let out of their cage (mansion!).

One night when we let them out, I forgot to shut our cat flap and they escaped outside. It was dark and I could not see them. Thunder, our large boy came back quickly, as he always does, when I squeezed a squeaky toy. Lightning was nowhere to be seen.

I got a torch and went out in my backyard yelling “Lightning, Lightning” *. OK so now my neighbours think I really am a mad pet lady!!

It turns out that Lightning had gone visiting my neighbours’ house. They brought her home, saying nothing about my nocturnal ramblings. Now we keep the cat flap shut when the ferrets are free.

* Moral of the story – be careful what you name your pets

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