Lightning asleep
Lightning asleep

People expect my pets to be perfect.

I tell them there is no such thing as the perfect pet (just as there is no such thing as the perfect human!). They don’t believe me. They think I say that just to make them feel better about their misbehaving cat/ dog/ budgie/ turtle. I wish 🙂

I have lost of pets. My life revolves around them and work fits in wherever possible. Two years ago Thunder and Lightning arrived. Yes it was a bolt, a flash and any other way you want to describe mayhem. Thunder and Lightning are two ferrets. Ferrets arrive and cats, dogs and husband are packing their bags ready to move out!

Luckily ferrets sleep around 80% of the day. The ideal pet in many ways. When they are awake they are fun, fun, fun. The rest of the time they sleep in their palatial mansion. We let them out to run around when we are home. Generally we confine them to where we can keep an eye on them and they can’t steal (Lightning likes to steal soap and hides her cache under my bed!)ferret cage

Last night we let them out and the usual ferreting party began. All other pets have to be kept away from Lightning who terrorises them.  Chilli dog and Thunder love to play (watch video). Suddenly  it went quiet. Like little kids you worry when things go quiet…

Investigation revealed that Lightning was nowhere to be seen. The cat flap was spotted – OPEN!  So Lightning had ventured into the great outdoors onto our deck and down the stairs to the garden or beyond.

I armed myself with a squeaky toy and a torch and went out into the black night. “Lightning! Lightning” I yelled. Yes I could hear the neighbours wondering what the madwoman was doing now, summing up atmospheric disturbances from the gods. Ten minutes of calling and frantic squeaking brought nothing except a very frustrated Thunder from indoors.

Next there was a knock at the door. There stood my two neighbours ferret in hand. “Yours?” they asked, already knowing what the answer would be. Apparently Lightning had turned up at their doorstep and not being a shy individual had demanded their full attention.

We were pleased to see her. Thunder was pleased to see her. You can get attached to ferrets.


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