Clicker training: for ALL animals

Did you know that you can apply clicker training to most animals?

Perhaps, though, you are not sure what clicker training actually is. I often get asked by dog owners just how clicker training works. They are very surprised when I tell them that it’s not just dogs that can be trained…

Bird clicker training Fish clicker training

Yes, even birds and fish can be trained!

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it. The ‘clicker’ is a mechanical device that makes a short, distinct “click” sound which tells the animal exactly when they’re doing the right thing. Karen Pryor

How does clicker training work?

The click is like a promise of a reward to come. So when you first use a clicker, click then give the animal a reward. Soon, your pet will associate the click with good things to come.

The clicker is great as it can be used so much more quickly than a food reward. It can also be used consistently by different trainers.

dog clicker trainingHorse clicker training


What animals can be taught with a clicker?

Any animal that can be trained can be taught with a clicker. Traditionally clicker training is a favourite with dog trainers. Even wild animals, in captivity eg. dolphins, can be trained with a clicker.

What do you need?

You simply need a clicker, of which there are many in the marketplace. Here are a couple:

customized clickers
customized clicker
iclick clicker
iclick clicker








If you would like to try clicker training with your pet, then a clicker training kit may help you…

(Plus there are articles to help too – details below)

Clicker training
Dog training clicker kit
Cat clicker training kit


Bird clicker training kit
Bird clicker training kit
Puppy clicker training kit
Puppy clicker training kit

Will I have to click forever?

With consistency use of the clicker, you pet will learn how you expect them to behave. You will issue a command eg. ‘Sit’ and your pet will sit, whether or not you give a reward. Your pet wants to please you. With time your rewards, including your clicks, can be scaled back. Easy!

Why not give clicker training a go?

Books on clicker training:

clicker training for dogs ebook

clicker training for cats ebook clicker training for horses





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  1. Can you please give more information on training budgies. Mine (a rescue budgie) is at least two years old, with bad habits. It will happily fly onto my shoulder, but then proceeds to bite my neck and ears viciously! Obviously I can walk around with a towel around my head, but that’s not very practical.

    She has also taken to laying an egg now and then, although she is a sole budgie.

    Thank you


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