Do you know how to clean dog ears? Keeping your pet’s ears clean and healthy should be a routine part of your care but often owners are unsure about what to do and what not to do. Here’s a simple guide from Susan from…

How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!

Do your dog ears need frequent cleaning? Follow simple steps on how to clean them a lot easier. With the right tools, you can even do it at home!

It will take a little practice and precaution before you can clean your dog’s ears successfully. Yet, when your dog get used to it, it will be more like of a routine for both of you. It’s just a must for us to check every now and then if their ears do not have dirt, parasites or any signs of infection that will cause a bigger problem later on.

You will save time, effort and money from going to the vet’s clinic or pet groomer.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

The length of a dog’s ear canals is an average of 5-10 cm. With its natural shape, dirt and other dangerous particles can easily get in and are stuck inside. For example, if your dog accidentally trapped water inside their ears, it could be a cause of infection. So, as much as possible, clean their ears every after a bath.

Here are signs that your dog’s ears have an infection.

  • Swelling– Your dog may cry when you touch it since it is painful. It would feel warmer than the usual when you touch it.
  • Discharge– You will notice a gooey, off-colored discharge oozing from their ears.
  • Foul Odor– no need to ask, obviously, there is an infection going on.

How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!

 A Simple Guide to Do It Right

Just remember that your dog’s ears are delicate that is why you need to check on them regularly. Prepare for it since they don’t really like the feeling of their ears being cleaned. You’ve got to have a lot of patience. We are providing a simple guide for you on how to do it the right way.

Not doing it right may hurt your dog further more.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Ear Cleaner- there are many kinds of ear cleaners offered in the market but it does not matter. As long as you use a high-quality type, it will work.
  • Cotton Wool- is easy to use for cleaning the outer part of the ear.
  • Treats- you will need this to make it easy for you to control them.

How to clean dog ears?

Prepare yourself for a dirty task. Look for a space at home suitable for this session. Wear something that you won’t mind to be stained on.

  1. You could ask your dog to sit or lie down. Whatever it is that is comfortable for both of you to do the job. The best position is to give you good access to your pet’s ears. The treats would be helpful to make your dog follow your commands.

How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!


  1. Carefully hold the ear flap and fill the ear canal with the ear cleaner. Do not apply vinegar, oil or anything that you think possible as an alternate to ear cleaners. Be generous in using the cleaner. The ear canal goes a long way, so make sure they reach there.

How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!


  1. Gently massage the base of the ear in the purpose making the ear cleaner flow around and deeper. The cleaner will mix with the dirt, or any discharges sticking at the lining of the canals. Together it will form a solution that will eventually be out when your dog shakes his head after. Do this for a few seconds before letting go of the ear.

 How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!


  1. It is a dog’s natural reaction to shake his head after. When he’s done, get the cotton wool and clean the opening of the ear canal well. Don’t forget to give your pet a treat.

How to Clean Dog Ears? A Simple Guide for Dog Lovers!

Tips for Successful Ear Cleaning

  • Do not use cotton swabs when cleaning your dog’s ears. It will push the dirt deeper into the canal.
  • Choose ear cleaners that do not have antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, or toxins mixed with it. It will harm your dog.
  • Plan and prepare the activity ahead carefully. Ensure that all you need is complete and is within your reach so not to disrupt the process.
  • Be sensitive to your dog’s reaction. If you observe that he is resisting, he might be in pain. You may proceed but do it gentler or stop and bring him to the vet.
  • When you see that your dog’s ear has a possible infection, do not try to clean it. Bring the vet for immediate treatment. 
  • Make cleaning your dog’s ear be a pleasant experience for him. Start it with gentle words and a lot of rubbing. Give him treats and praises.
  • Do not clean your dog’s ear too often. It will jeopardize the normal flora balance of the ear and may be a cause of infection.

As you continue and do this cleaning regularly, you will find it easier as you go along. Dogs cannot reach their ears, so when it feels itchy, it will torment them greatly. So they may like it eventually when you clean them.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you and to all dog lovers out there. Cleaning your dog’s ear is a good bonding with your pet and at the same time preventing them from infection.

Author bio:, my name is Susan, creator of I love all pets (especially dogs) because they always make me happy and healthy. I want to connect with other pet lovers in the world to share experience in healthy and caring pets. My blog is a way to let the world know that dogs deserve a place in our hearts.

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