Cats and a lamb need your help

Whether helping strays or pets of their own, these individuals are seeking life-saving support for the furry friends in their lives, with the help of GoFundMe. These cats and a lamb need help. Can you help raise awareness of these deserving cases?

Help save Ernie’s life!

10-month-old Ernie was once a food enthusiast and it was this change that alerted his owners to the fact that something was not right. Ernie’s vet believed that a foreign body was causing a severe blockage in his intestines however, no blockage was found when they conducted an exploratory laparotomy. It is now believed that Ernie is experiencing a liver shunt that will require an incredibly costly but life-saving surgery to correct.

Help keep Suzy alive please

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June adopted Suzy, a rescue ragdoll cat, three years ago. Despite having a troubled life, Suzy has settled into life with June and become a beloved member of her family. Unfortunately, Suzy has fallen unwell and after many tests was found to have an inoperable tumour. June has paid thousands in bills to find the cause of Suzy’s illness and now faces the reality that, if Suzy is unable to travel to Queensland for radiation therapy, her time will be limited. June has created a GoFundMe to help her cover the costs of Suzy’s treatments.

Medical funds for Marlow and mates

Cat Haven has takes in more than 6,500 cats every year and this year they have received an astounding 5,000 cats already. The shelter provides medical care for many unwanted cats that have suffered horrific injuries and neglect. They give Western Australia’s homeless, abandoned and lost cats a chance, healing them and giving them a chance to find their forever homes. Unfortunately this year’s large intake of cats has left the shelter struggling to cover its expenses. They have turned to GoFundMe to ensure that they can continue to provide care to every cat that comes through their doors.

Help for Joshua Lamb

Karina found Joshua late at night on the 21st August. The little lamb was alone and severely injured with either a spinal or pelvic injury. Due to his injuries, little Joshua’s prognosis is not entirely positive however, Karina hopes that through GoFundMe they will able to provide him with the best possible care. Every year an unbelievable 10 to 15 million newborn lambs die of starvation, neglect and exposure within 48hrs of birth, the funds raised will help give Joshua the best chance at recovery.

If you can help any of these animals, head over to their pages and donate all you can. If money is tight, why not share on your pages?

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