Do you ever worry about cats in small spaces? Perhaps you live in a studio, apartment or condo and worry that your cat does not have enough room to move. Here are some small home enhancements for our feline friends…Cats in small spacesAhhh – the life of a pampered pussycat…
Most cats don’t require too much space. After all, they sleep up to 80% of their day away. Snoozing requires a comfortable lap/ bed/sofa/sunny spot and little else. If you have more than one cat and wish to provide a stylish bed for your feline friends, then a tiered bed may be ideal for small spaces…

Cats in small spaces: Studio, apartment, condo & small home enhancements for our feline friends

When they are awake, cats require space to move. If you live in a small house, apartment or studio or have a cat that is always indoors, then your cat needs to be able to utilise the space in various ways…

  • Across the floor
  • Jumping on shelves, units and window sills
  • Walking along shelves

Cat Clouds Cat Shelf

As I always say, cats should be able to sit up high and look down on us. That is a cat’s perogative!

Itch Wall Shelf with BracketNo seriously, when cats sit high, they feel safe. It is also a great way for them to get to know a new pet in your home or a human visitor. From aloft they can observe the movements, listen to the sounds and get to know the scents that are emitted from the ‘intruder’. Always give your cat a high space.

Hopefully, if you have introduced a new feline friend, the two will soon be great mates and able to share their shelf…

Catemporary Cat ShelfIf your cat enjoys watching the world go by, or the birds fly into your garden, then you may like to provide them with a window perch…

The Ideal Cat Window Perch - MegaAnd if your cat is a true perch-lover, take that perch provision a step further and give your cat a seat at your desk. This is great, if you are like me and work from home…
Kit-In Box Desktop Cat PerchOf course, many cats like to use their perches, shelves and beds for multiple activities – catnapping, playing, observation. If your space is really limited or you are simply looking for yet another gift for your favourite feline friend, then you can consider a cat condo…
Wavy Condo 2

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Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower

You may live in a small space but your cat can live in a tower!

Lighthouse Kitty Tower

I’ve come to the conclusion, after viewing these products, that I want the life of a cat!! A pampered pussycat life!


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All of the cat furniture featured here can be found at Cats Play. More information about the individual pieces can be found by clicking on their photo.

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