Cats and birds can get along

Have you ever wondered why some cats seem to get along with supposedly impossible friends? Like cats and birds? Take this cat and these budgies…

While cats are natural predators of birds, cats and birds can actually live a very peaceful life side by side with their feathered friends. The key is being friends or even family!

Start young
It helps to start young. When your cat is a kitten, they are learning about the world around them. Socialising, in a positive way i.e. not being allowed to hunt, with birds as a kitten will ensure your cat does not want to kill this particular type of bird. Other birds will still be fair game though.

Household Harmony
My cats have fully accepted the chickens in my household. They are so accepting of these flightless family members, that they have even started to accept the wild bush turkeys that come into our garden. Here’s our typical garden encounters, full of cats and birds!


All animals need supervision when placed together, even those you fully trust. Sometimes the unexpected can happen. One animal is not feeling well and the other is annoying. It’s not just cats who can annoy birds. Sometimes its the opposite…

Now, if you don’t trust your cat to add a feathered friend to your family, then perhaps you can stick to watching videos of birds. Apparently your cat will enjoy this one…


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