Does your cat scratch your furniture?

Cat like to scratch. Watching them stretch their paws out, then alternatively drag each extended paw back, claws to the fore… over your best lounge suite is not as enjoyable for cat owners. Yet, cats continue to scratch furniture even when we provide scratching posts.

furniture scratchscratchig furniture








How many scratching posts have you bought for your cat? Probably lots! Do they sit in every corner of your house, unused?

We all know that cats scratch to sharpen their claws but cats also scratch to place their scent on our household items. They especially enjoy scratching items that have new or different scents on them or those that are in thoroughfares. Our lounge chairs, for instance, often have our guests scent deposited over them or we place our bags on them when we return from an outing. In scratching, cats surrounds themselves with their own scent, feeling better with the world.

traditional cat scratching post
traditional cat scratching post

Your scratching post in the corner rarely has new scents on it. Your cat rarely feels the need to place their scent on that hidden object. Your furniture is much handier and smellier!

So you really have to take that scratching post out of the corner and place it in the centre of your room, exactly where your cat wants to scratch. And here’s where the problem lies. Most scratching posts are ugly! Not the most attractive piece of furniture.

So imagine my surprise when this cat scratcher was given to me – the Lui Scratcher and Bed. This is the most elegant piece of furniture for cats. One your cat would love to sit on and one that they actually enjoy scratching.

cat in Lui

Mew loves it. She sleeps on it, sits on it surveying her world and scratches it. Here she is, in action…

Our new cat scratcher is also coveted by the ‘Big  Man‘ Leo. He sits on it and slouches…

Leo on Lui cat scarcther Leo lying on Lui

What does your cat use to scratch? Is your furniture surviving your cat?

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  1. Tigger really loves his scratching “box”, which is made of corrugated cardboard. He gets to stretch his claws (and scent-mark), and my furniture gets to reside in peace. 🙂

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