How irresistible is a circle to your cat?!

We all know cats love to sit in boxes. Any box will do – big or small, our pussycats and our wild cats love them…

Now there is a new trend on the internet emerging for cats… cats in circles. It appears that cats find a circle irresistible.

cat circle

Draw a circle on your floor, create a circle with masking tape, place ribbon in a circle and your cat will sit in it. Apparently.

Well here’s my attempt with Leo…


LOL – so obviously not irresistible to Leo! Perhaps he’s just a different cat. Or he thinks outside of the circle. Although he is looking at it, so I shall keep my eye on him in case he needs to be alone in circles!

Why should cats like circles? Well, there is no known reason. Liking a box may be for safety reasons. Having sides around you offers some protection from perceived threats eg. enemies (dogs, other cats). A circle of course cannot provide protection. Could it be a remnant of pagan pasts?

Give your cat a circle and let me know if they find it irresistible.


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