Taking your pet on holiday with you is a treat but it can be hard work. Can you imagine camping with your cat? Yes, it is possible and with these tips from our guest blogger Louise from TheAdventureLand, cat camping is a definite possibility. Enjoy your vacation with your cat! Jo

Cat camping: Amazing Tips for Going on a Camping Adventure With Your Cat

Camping cats

Going on an adventure with your loved ones sounds amazing until you’re told that bringing your pet would be a hassle. Especially when your pet is a cat. That phenomenon seems so unheard of but it is possible. I will help convince you and your family and friends that camping with your cat is going to be an amazing experience.

On the way to camp out:

You may think that travelling with your cat involves you just loading your cat in the car and driving off. But if you’re going to be driving for a long period of time, that’s not it. You have to consider many things before you can say you’re ready to go. Here are a few of the most important tips you need to be mindful of before travelling with your pet.

First of all, you have to consider if your destination is pet-friendly.

Before you leave, do your research. Make sure they allow cats in the area. Some parks might not allow pets of any kind in their areas while some might. Make a call first to make sure. Also, be ready to bring some extra cash because some campgrounds have a fee if you bring your cat along with you.

It’s going to be a loooong ride, so prepare for everything and anything.

Cats sometimes experience stress during car rides. But if you want to go on a camping trip with your cat, car rides are inevitable.

Car rides may cause panic to you cat, especially when they think they’re going to the vet. So don’t suddenly put your cat in the car for a long ride. Make him/her used to short car rides first so the long trip will not surprise it.

Pack the proper gear for you and your cat

Bring all the necessary equipment your cat may need for the whole duration of the trip and the camping. Bring his cat food, bowl, and medicine. Aside from this, you may want to bring a first-aid kit just in case your cat suffers some injuries. Also, always make sure you have the contact number of the nearest veterinary clinic in the area and you should know where it is.

Be prepared for a trip with your cat

Aside from the necessities, make sure to bring things like your tent, hammock, campfire equipment, and proper clothing. Also bring first-aid kit and medication for your personal use. Be sure to pack plenty of water so as to keep you and your cat hydrated.

Here are the four most important things you should pack in your cat’s travel bag:

According to adventurecats.org, there are 14 most important things to remember when travelling with your cats. Here are the 4 most important ones:

  1. Collar and ID tags

Make sure your cat has a collar and ID tags with your name, address, and contact numbers in it. This is so others may identify your cat when he/she gets lost.

You may also want to consider microchipping your cat*. The benefit of microchips is that, just in case your cat’s collar breaks or its tag falls off, your cat will still have permanent identification. You can then use this to track your cat’s whereabouts if you ever get separated.

  1. Harness, leash, or a carrier

I know it’s a little unheard of, but your cat should wear a harness or a leash when you’re out and about with him/her. This is so it won’t go anywhere far away and will always be on your sight. But this all depends on your preferences.

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When o a trip with your cat a leash is essential

Correspondingly, if you’re not into tying your cat up, you can opt for carriers instead. There is this new cat carrier with windows so your cat can enjoy the view while he/she is sitting comfortably inside.

  1. Recent photo of your cat

If you get separated from your cat, you can show his/her photos to other hikers. If ever you lose your cat, you can print these photos so others will know what’s up. Just in case. More importantly, make sure your cat’s picture is recent so he/she is recognizable.

Cats and the great outdoors

  1. Poop bags and/or Litter box & litter

Don’t leave your cat’s feces lying around on the ground. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of nowhere. Others who are in the area won’t find it pleasing to see cat feces in the area. Cat feces can also contain harmful bacteria that may cause illnesses or diseases to both animals and humans. So make sure to bring poop bags and litter boxes.

Litter boxes may be too heavy for travelling. Luckily, there are some disposable litter boxes that you can buy which you may use!

Lastly, never leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle or a tent, without any proper ventilation.

Pets of all kinds should never be left alone in the car or even in the tent. Without any proper ventilation, your cat can suffer a heat stroke. On the other hand, if it’s the cold season, a car can act like a refrigerator and it might be too cold for your cat to handle. Always keep in mind that if you can’t handle it, your cat probably won’t too.

Cats in the great outdoors

So with all these tips in mind, surely you are ready to go have the time of your lives with your best cat friend. Make sure to make this a memorable experience for you and your cat. Never forget to enjoy and stay safe while you’re at it!

*Microchipping is a legal requirement in some areas

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Camping with Cats by LouiseLouise is the founder of TheAdventureLand, where she  and her associates blog about Outdoor experiences, tips & tricks that will help you have an exciting adventure. She is also a tour guide of travel company where she learned many things about wilderness.


  1. I admit, I have reservations on taking my cats out in camping or letting them out at all. I would love to take them out but I’m afraid I might lose them if they get scared of a new environment.

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